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Featured Video : Nippullini in the NEWS

The Great Nippulini is in the NEWS wearing an T-shirt. For details see Nip in the NEWS 3, 2010.

Watching the linkage action, forging steel at short stroke. Early testing of the new anvilfire X1-b Power Hammer designed by the guru.

X1 Power Hammer Construction, power hammers, mechanical, JYH
2010 Big BLU Hammer-In.     Files (5)
The 2010 Big BLU NC-ABANA Hammer-In with Doug Merkle and Anderson Phillips demonstrating. Forging jingle bells, cloak pins and candle sticks. Article with video, photos and links.

Big BLU, NC-ABANA, Doug Merkle, Anderson Phillips
Merls JYH Test     18 sec.
Merl testing his incomplete junkyard hammer for the first time. The hammer has tempoary wood supports and anvil. . .

JYH, junkyard, hammer
Testing the X1 Power Hammer.
Short stroke testing the anvilfire X1 power hammer 4/7/2012
2010 Big BLU Hammer-In.
The 2010 Big BLU NC-ABANA Hammer-In demonstrations and more. 3/20/2010
Merls JYH Test
Testing his incomplete junkyard hammer for the first time.
Paw Paws Videos     Files (1) more coming
Blacksmithing videos taken by Jim "Paw Paw" Wilson for while traveling with the guru.

Paw-Paw, Wilson, JYH, blacksmithing, conventions, hammer-in
Novelty Hammer     25 sec.
Old power hammer operating from a hit and miss gasoline engine powered lineshaft. Merl provided this video as a study of how a power hammer should work.

power hammer, lineshaft
A four part series showing the upsetting of a 2 inch bar and Sandy striking for Josh at the 2009 CSI Hammer-In.

upsetting, Greenwood, Hammer-In
Paw Paws Videos
Collection of blacksmithing videos.
Novelty Hammer
Old power hammer operating from a lineshaft.
Josh Greenwood assisted by Sandra Wilson
A four part series plus the 2009 CSI Hammer-In.
The Big BLU crew team striking to forge a 3 inch ball after the demonstrator started on the Chambersburg power hammer which has an electrical failure during the demo. From the 2009 BigBLU NC-ABANA meeting.

Nippulini in the NEWS     60 sec.
TGN (The Great Nippulini) wearing his anvilfire shirt while being interviewed about possible flooding by the local television news. An amazing day. Friday, 03/12/10

TGN, anvilfire, television
Frank Turley teaching striking to Johann Cubbilios in Costa Rica. Muhammad goes to the Mountain. 1/10/2004

Turley Forge, blacksmithing, Costa Rica
Team Striking at Oakhill Ironworks
The Big BLU crew team striking, 2009.
Nippulini in the NEWS
TGN in anvilfire T-shirt on the local news. 3/12/2010
Frank Turley in Costa Rica
Frank teaching striking to Johann Cubbilios in Costa Rica. 1/10/2004
Sandro, A JYH hammer     40 sec.
Initial test of Itialian built junk yard air hammer while using up stored air.

JYH, Italian
Short demo of self contained air hammer built by Patrick Pelgroms of Belgium.

JYH, Belgium, self contained, electro pneumatic

Sandro, A JYH hammer
Initial test of Itialian junk yard air hammer.
Pelgroms, Self Contained JYH
Short demo of owner built self contained air hammer

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