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Tell them you found it on!

Sage Werbock AKA The Great Nippulini in the NEWS

Nipullini interviewed by Philidelphia NEWS 10 about local flooding. Friday, 03/12/10.

So, this morning is nice.
I threw on the T-shirt because it's fairly mild, but we are supposed to get slammed with 4-6 inches of rain this weekend. I am finishing up a 5 sword order, packing it up talking to the customer. The client wanted forged letters in the pommel, "SM" and "LR". For some retarded reason I made "LM". Client contacts me and lets me know I made a mistake. Glad this happened before I shipped it! So, I go down to the cellar and begin work on the R (BTW that is a pain in the ass to make from one piece, but I did it). Some time into the project my dog starts barking at the front door. I climb up the spiral stairs and see a TV news camera crew outside. They want to interview my neighborhood about the ensuing storms and how it will affect our flood zone. During the interview the reporter asks me what I was in the middle of doing (I guess my hands were dirty). I tell him I was forging steel and that I do blacksmithing. Well immediately he asked if he could get some footage of it. Well SURE thing! Come on in!

So the reporter, a camera man and an intern all crowd into my basement and watch me demo some welding, round rod to square forging, twisting and bending (all the while I am wearing the shirt). I tell them this isn't the first time I've had a camera crew down here. He asks why and then I tell him I am the Great Nippulini. They hit a goldmine and didn't know it! I took them out back and showed them my sculptures, the camera guy immediately ran to the creek to take more footage. It was amazing! So, not only did Nippulini get air, but the Anvilfire site did, my clients swords are in it, and I get to quip my wit about some weather.

An amazing morning!

Two guys stand in shop crowded by boxes of 'stuff', trash and tools, one holding a broom. Anvil looks on.

Standing Room Only. "I think its time to sweep up the shop."

TGN (The Great Nippulini) has been a long time denizen of and is also one of our cartoonists. We believe the cartoon above is based on his shop. SO. . in his interview he calmly states that if I can pick it up and move it, I'll pick it up and move it. . .

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