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Almost everyday we are adding new items. In order to help you find the newest additions we have added this page. Here we will try to log changes and additions by date as we make them.

NOTE: There will always be daily changes in the Virtual Hammer-In and the Guru page. anvilfire! has released more than one edition of the anvilfire! NEWS per month and has consistently archived a solid 200KB of Q&A from the guru page. The anvilfire! NEWS has posted approximately 500 images in the past year and has been the first to report numerous hard news items. During the last six months three completely new features were added, the iForge page, the International Registry of Blacksmith Touchmarks and the Web-Ring Nexus.

What's New archive I (12/98)
What's New archive II (6/99)

anvilfire! had 5,500 hits to the main page in May (a slow month). That's some 12,650 hits in aggregate from an adjusted* 2,782 real visitors from 58 countries (out of 79 to date). Its only been 100 days since we reported breaking 50,000 hits on the main page in our first year!

*Adjusted by a factor of 1/3 from 8,345 hosts reported served by analog 3.11.

July 4th, 1999 @ 73,530 NOW POSTING CanIRON NEWS (direct from Calgary, AB, Canada). Lots more to come!
July 7th, 1999 @ 74,350 Posted pages 4-6 of the CanIRON News. Sorry I'm getting this out so slow folks! When I'm done with this I'll go back and finish up the Southeast Conference . . .
July 8th, 1999 @ 74,530 / 8048 Archived 93K of the guru page for the second half of June and archived THIS page for the first half of 1999.
July 9th, 1999 @ 74,747 Corrected the link to Charles Lewton-Brain's web-page on page 6 of the CanIRON NEWS. Updated the iForge page and moved the pages from wildstar to anvilfire (insurance)
July 11th, 1999 @ 75,245 Added pages 7-10 to the CanIRON II edition of the NEWS! Includes some friends and the start of the section on Frank Turley. Added bella-decor craft search vote on the Web-Ring Nexus.
July 12th, 1999 @ 75,468 Joined yet ANOTHER Sword WebRing, the "Swords Ring" (not quite yet connected). Updated the body of the main page and the menu. Added discriptions for iForge and the International Directory of Blacksmiths Touchmarks. Also updated keyword lists and other things "behind the scenes". Submitted four newer feature pages to six search engines. Its stuff like this that eats up hundreds of hours when maintaining a busy web-page!
More CanIRON NEWS to come!
July 13th, 1999 @ 75,715 Removed the Architecture WebRing (ID = mansion). It is NOT being maintained. The dozens that have signed up for it since the beginning of the year are giving it free advertising without benefit of any return.
NOTE: About a month after this they FINALY got to work on the ring. We reposted it as we all need the give and take with the architecture world.
July 15th, 1999 @ 76,200

We welcome KAYNE & SON, Custom Hardware, Inc. As advertisers!

Kayne & Son are the manufacturer of the BIG BLU Air Hammer, and are dealers of quality blacksmith's tools and supplies.
July 18th, 1999 @ 76,780 Added KAYNE & SON to the "Power Links" on the Power hammer Page. Posted Bill Epps Tools demo on the iForge page and added a general menu to same. Also changed the home page banner system. The Java Script rotation system is not loaded until after the anvilfire logo. I hope most of you have upgraded to Java capable browsers by now. . . The HTML system was creating problems for as many folks as the Java.
July 20th, 1999 @ 77,400 Now hosting Emile's BLACKSMITHING LINKS. If you have a link to his old page please change it to "http://www.anvilfire.com/links/hotlinks/index.htm"
Emile now has a new page OK Forge Blacksmithing in Olde Kinderhook NY.
July 21th, 1999 @ 77,600 Posted two more pages of Frank Turley in the NEWS. Added SUSAN HUTCHINSON to the headline. Somehow I had missed her in the list. I'm sorry.
July 23rd, 1999 @ 78,080 MIS Identified Frank Turley's striker as Mac Brown of Calgary on page 11 of the CanIRON news. Also corrected a couple dozen code errors on the home Power hammer Page.
Will correct ID ASAP.
July 24th, 1999 @ 78,322 Posted my folded leaf demo from last Wednesday night on the iForge page. Also corrected an error in the main menu that created a double banner when iForge was accessed from the home page. Archived the first half of the July guru page.
July 25th, 1999 @ 78,400 Fixed errors in the iForge posting I made last night. Also moved tutorials to the main server and corrected some errors in those. Will slowly swap over those links.
July 28th, 1999 Added PawPaw's twists demo to the iForge page. Tested and corrected many links on Emile's Blacksmithing Links
August 1, 1999 @ 80,000! (noon) Added a link to the Celtic knot and Elektric Anvil, added several smithy links on Emile's Blacksmithing Links. Linked our copyright notice and editied same on several pages. Started notifying those with links to Emile's link list of the new address.
I must apologise to those waiting for the rest of the CanIRON and Southwest Conference NEWS. I haven't had the large blocks of time necessary to process all the images. They WILL eventually be posted! We also have sets of images from the National Cathedral and smelting wrought iron plus numerous book reviews and article to post!
- guru

August 3, 1999 @ 80,600 All the previous iForge demo's are now posted on the "home" server and local counters setup. Corrected spelling in hammer demo. . .
August 7, 1999 @ 81,600 Added William "Just plain Bill" Cottrell's BEAST to the Power hammer Hammer page catalog of user built hammers. Also corrected HTML errors in some of those pages. I am using CSE HTML Validator with an editor called Hippie! I didn't use a validator program early on and as I come across old pages I check them and fix them. What a mess! Just part of our efforts to bring you the best blacksmithing page on the net.
August 10, 1999 @ 82,350 Firedesign is back as an advertiser and has two NEW powerhammers. The BULL is now completely redesigned and there are two sizes. Also note that they have moved and are in all new facilities too. Sounds like a reason for an anvilfire road trip!

Posted Bill Epps' "Spikeaxe" demo on the iForge page. That's the twelth demo! Look for Bill doing a rose demo on Wednesday night (now tonight!) at 8:30 Central.
Finally archived the guru page! Sorry I let it get so big.
September 4, 1999 @ 88,872 Just finally archived the guru page (AGAIN)! I need help. . .
Since my last entry we have posted three more Bill Epps Demos, Rose, Jonny Pick and Heart Hook.
anvilfire is now getting an average of nearly 300 hits per day or 2000 hits per week for 8,300 hits in the last month!
September 5, 1999 @ 89,140 Kiwi (Andrew Hooper) just announced that Bill Epps' rams head demo is posted on iForge. I just updated Emile's Blacksmithing Links adding a link to a commentary by John Fusco. anvilfire! is number ONE on YaHoo.com under Arts> Crafts> Blacksmithing! It has taken us 20 months to get that spot! We are now advertising on GoTo.com and we get an average of 10,000 referrals from over 350 different web sites a month! This is one of the indicators that show that we get many more hits than are recorded on the main page. Probably half of these are to other pages that have indexes and the rest directly to specific pages. Add 5,000/m to our main page hits of 8,000/m. That's 13,000 a month or 156,000/year!
September 7, 1999 @ 89,707 Added a link to Thai Aranyik Sword Which include the history of Krom Darb-Song-Mu, or "Sword in both hands", on Emile's Blacksmithing Links. Also updated the main links adding blacksmithing.com.
LINK REQUESTS: If you have sent a link request in the past months and I have not responded please contact me again. I've been WAY too busy this year and I am responding to mail and editing the page from three different locations AND on the road. A lot has gotten overlooked. I am sorry if it was YOUR mail. - guru
September 19, 1999 @ 92,938 Added The ROCKRIDGE BLOOMERY (The Rockridge Iron Smelting Project) to the links page. This is a non-commercial R&D project exploring the unknowns about a process that was used for several millinia. Great information for the historian or metalurgist.
Enjoyed a great day on the 18th with Kiwi (Andrew Hooper) broadcasting live from Howick Historical Village, Auckland, New Zealand! 5 hours of live demonstration! 10,000 Images! Added Howick Historical Village to our links list.
September 20, 1999 @ 93,166 Put a link to The ROCKRIDGE BLOOMERY and www.anglia.co.uk/angmulti/indrev/iron1.html (Iron Smelting by Pit-Coal) on Emile's Hotlinks under a new catagory, Smelting and Ironmaking.
October 4, 1999 Archived the September guru page in one block.
October 5, 1999 @ 97,560 Edited two of my iForge sessions for spelling (Souvenier Horse Shoe and Basket Twist.
On September 30 Bill Epps did his 14th live iForge demo on the Slack-Tub Pub. So far there have been 21 weeks of demos on anvilfire!
WOW! Look at those numbers! 8,420 for September! But that's less than HALF the story! The main page counter does not pick-up the hits from individual book marked pages OR pages accessed directly from search engines. We are now getting over 10,000 "referrals" a month from link lists and "indexes" such as Yahoo!, Lycos, HotBot and WebCrawler. Total hits to anvilfire! is closer to 140,000 with a current monthly rate of 20,000! We serve 5,000 pages a day to over 90 countrys! And we are just getting started!
October 14, 1999 @ 100,000 / 140,000! anvilfire's home page registered 100K hits this morning! In order to correctly show our total hits we have adjusted the count to show uncounted accesses that bypass the main page. This adjustment was a conservative estimate (see above) using numbers extracted from our server logs.

Posted Bill Epps Drive Hook demo to iForge. We are having trouble with his snake demo but if WILL be posted soon. We have also edited and posted our A Day in the Life of an Apprentice Blacksmith story to the 21st Century page.
October 17, 1999 @ 141,060 Posted Oval Parameters under MATH on the 21st Century Page and restored the link to CONES, How to layout under the same heading. The OVALS page includes a DOS utility you can download that does the calculations for you.
Posted Junk Yard Steel on the 21st Century Page, a chart published by the North Texas Blacksmiths Association and compiled by David Wilson.
Ocober 22, 1999 @ 142,613 FINALLY! Posted the last 3 Bill Epps iForge demos! We now have over six months of weekly demos posted!
The guru is back full time.

Died Saturday October 23, 1999 at 10:00pm. He had his hammer with him until the last.

October 30, 1999 @ 145,302 Posted guru archive of first half of month (108K). Edited Paw-Paws input box.
November 2, 1999 @ 146,169 Added Yucaipa Valley Forge the web page of Klaus Duebbert to our links list. Klaus is lead Blacksmith at the San Bernardino County California Museum and blacksmithing instructor.
Archived the second half of the guru page for October (125K!).
Added 4 more links on Emile's Hot Links under Ironmaking, Smelting and Bloomeries courtesy of Lee Sauder of the Rockridge Bloomery.
November 3, 1999 @ 146,546 Added the NEW Armourers Ring Discussion Forum to the Armourers Ring and to Emile's Hot Links.
Updated the Centaur Forge, Ltd. page and listings to correctly show their new phone numbers.
November 4, 1999 @ 147,000 Finally archived the V.Hammer-In! Sorry I let it get so huge! Actual archive will be broken into several months before being posted.
Good thing it is getting close to the end of the year. . . THIS page is getting too big too! Will archive it quarterly in 2000.
November 5, 1999 @ 147,375 Corrected some bad links. The CanIron II web site was shut down and I had a typo on the link page to The Blacksmith's Gazette (Sorry Fred).
November 13, 1999 @ 150,125 Posted the last three iForge Demos #25-#27. Two by J-J (James Joyce) and another by Bill Epps. Had a record 39 folks at the most recent live demo!
November 15, 1999 @ 150,300 Posted a link to COAL ANALYSIS DATA  Penn State Coal Sample Bank and Database & WWW subset. Where DOES the best coal come from?
Updated entry above (Sorry about "b" Bill :-) ).
Recieved even MORE coal links from Ntech (Glenn Connor). . . will have posted ASAP.
November 16, 1999 @ 161,111 Corrected our counter problem so that the main page will show correct number of hits to site. anvilfire is getting roughly 20,000 hits per month and is serving 200,000 pages a month.
Archived the guru page but lost a day's postings somewhere. . . :-( Trying to repair.
Repaired problems in the "Swords Ring". Seems something slipped through the cracks. Its all working now!
November 18, 1999 @ 162,671 Posted the latest Bill Epps iForge demo - a fancy door knocker.
November 21, 1999 @ 164,608 Finally divided up and posted the Hammer-In archives for April-October. Kiwi also fixed a bunch of broken links I created the last time I edited the iForge page (Thanks). The day I lost in the guru page archive from last month is gone, kaput. No retrieval. **** happens!
November 27, 1999 @ 168,283 Added an over looked link to Bill Epps Blacksmith Shoppe on the links page and swapped links with the Howard Academy, located in Stoughton, WI, USA.
November 30, 1999 @ 171,229 / 44,400 / 11,927 Archived the guru page. 295K for the month! Will start archiving every 10 days.
December 1, 1999 @ 171,900 Posted a NEW edition of the anvilfire news. This one has been a struggle an many we asked to comment on the censorship links before we posted them. All agreed that it was too important an issue to overlook. Writing is still in progress. Will be almost daily updates for a week or so.
Our new server is on-line! But we are not on it yet. . .
December 2, 1999 @ 172,240 Posted new home page announcing new edition of news. Writing is still in progress.
December 3-4, 1999 Continueing to write and post the current edition of news. Added a 3D CAD image as background to Jim Wilson's Requiem to a Master. Making progress on setting up the new server.
December 6-7, 1999 @ 175,900
We are now on our new server!

We have been working on it for a week! You won't see a lot of difference yet and the Slack-Tub Pub hasn't been moved (yet).
We have just posted several more pages to the NEWS (still working on it).
December 9, 1999 @ 176,600 / 25,290 (pub) Moved the Slack-Tub Pub to the new server. It had a good test with J-J's second demo of the month. If you are having trouble with old book marks please start at our home page. If this doesn't work its because your local ISP hasn't updated their DNS (numerical address logs). Give it a few days and try again. . . Sorry for the inconvience.
December 13, 1999 @ 179,755 Posted 3 new pages to the news covering two CVBG meets and have several more to post. Updated the Firedesign Banner.
Recieved disturbing news from Clicktrade/LinkExchange that avilfire doesn't have enough content to be a member! 64Mb isn't enough??
December 14, 1999 @ 180,456 Posted a new page of the news with coverage of the Northern California Jefferson Smiths event and the NJBA meet at Peters Valley, NJ. Both these articles will probably be updated later.
Added a "favicon.ico" for the new IE 5.0 browser and a robots.txt file to keep those pesky robots out of places they don't need to look. .
December 16, 1999 @ 181,573 Archived the first 10 days of December. Added Jim Joyce's text to page 12 of the NEWS covering the CBA Jefferson smiths.
December 17, 1999 @ 182,112 Kiwi finaly got the last iForge demos posted!
  • Small Hand or Camp Axe by Rich Hale
  • Towel Bars with Leaf Ends by James Joyce
  • J or L Wall Hook by James Joyce
  • Spirals and Scrolls by Jock Dempsey

December 18, 1999 @ 182,800 Posted our anvilfire.com! hats in the news and on the main page. The order form is setup for testing purposes for a few days (sorry). . . hope to have it running Monday. We will take mail, phone and e-mail orders from prople we know (working on forms for that too).
December 19, 1999 @ 183,216 Slow day(s). Weekend football season keeps you guys glued to another tube. .
Finally posted the new ABANA 2000 Junk Yard Hammer Event web page. . . Its a start. . When I get a little more done on it I will put it on the main page and menus. Also updated the banners and added a link to the ABANA Francis Whitaker links page in the NEWS.
December 20, 1999 @ 183,429 (4:00am) Posted the 3D-CAD gate renderings by Mr. Timo Rummukainen and Antti Sakari Salminen of Helsinki, Finland on page 13 of the NEWS.
Antti had sent me these pictures last summer and I wasn't sure where I would use them. When Jim Wilson posted his Requiem for a Master in memory of Francis Whitaker I knew immediately what images to use with it. The new saluting the passing of the old. A discussion tonight of 3D-CAD in blacksmithing reminded me had to post the rest.
11:30am Corrected HTML errors that my validator didn't catch on page 2 of the news. 3.0 Browsers should now correctly show the background image behind Requiem for a Master.
FedEX delivered the hats!
December 21, 1999 @ 184,430 (11:30pm) Its taken two looong days but the HAT ORDER FORM is now working!. The bank card people tell you it takes "some programming", but they don't tell you that their sample code doesn't work and that the "users manual" that you are constantly directed to doesn't help much either. They also give you no way to "test" other than a "live card" as the support person called it. . IF you need this done I know how to do it now!
December 22, 1999 @ 184,871 Another day tweeking pages and forms. . . Had to check on shipping costs. We will ship your hats to Canada and Mexico for the regular rate! It's a little bit of a discount to our Canadian friends. Dressed the forms up a little with CC and postal graphics.
Also been debugging the Hammer-In. Paw-Paw says he keeps getting Java errors. Anyone else have the problem?

December 23, 1999 @ 185,224 Archived the second third of the month on the guru's page. "Finished" editing the the unposted CVBG page. .

December 23 (24th GMT), 1999 @ 185,505 Decorated for Christmas!

*** December 24th, 1999 (4:30am) @ 185,640 / 12,603 ***

*** anvilfire.com! makes NY Times, December 22, 1999! ***

See anvilfire! NEWS Vol. 16

December 25, 1999 @ 186,145 NEWS Vol.16, p.14 NY Times article As originally posted this story had one paragraph left out. It was a bad editing decision made in the wee hours of the night (4:30am, log entry above). It has since been repaired. We also edited our Simple Gas Burner plans to include links to all our gas forge resources.
December 27, 1999 @ 187,400 Setup the Sunrise 2000 AnvilCAM page and posted the banners for event. Look for more exciting NEW YEAR'S announcements Friday!
December 31, 1999 @ 188,900 A BIG DAY!

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