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Blacksmithing and metalworking questions answered. Blacksmith projects, plans and DIY. Craftsmen's tools and machinery discussed. Welding and welders information. Forge Equipment, anvils, book reviews and stories. Gas Forge plans and instructions. Step-by-step how-to on the iForge blacksmithing instructions page.

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Welcome to the anvilfire! Web-Ring Nexus!
We are a member of the following web rings:

Swords Ring, Arms and Armor Sitering

and Homesteaders Web Ring
And NOW the home and host of
The Blacksmith's Ring and Steelworkers Web Ring and Country Life & Heritage Web Ring

Why is anvilfire! on so many web-rings?
anvilfire! is about blacksmithing and metalworking, the most basic of industries. Its techniques are often the same as, or key to, many other crafts. What more natural place than a site about blacksmithing to be a crossover point for these web-rings? Please see our DISCLAIMER before going any further.

As of September 20, 2000 we are hosting our rings using Gunnar Hjalmarsson's Ringlink. This move was forced by major changes in the Webring system that in our opinion were not in the spirit of the Internet. If you would like us to host your web ring let us know. Ringlink is easy to use and has the flexability of the original webring system. Our new hosting service is at

Swords Ring
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The Homesteaders Web Ring
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Ancient Trades Webring

Ancient Trades Viking
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