What's New at anvilfire!

Almost everyday we are adding new items. In order to help you find the newest additions we have added this page. Here we will try to log changes and additions by date as we make them.

NOTE: There will almost always be daily changes in the Virtual Hammer-In and the Guru page.

May 13, 1998 - Gave two industry "gurus" colored "ink" for the Guru's Den. Now Grant and Grandpa Meier have a distrinct "voice".

May 14, 1998 - Added several pieces of used equipment with photos to the Source Book
May 15, 1998 - Added even more equipment!
May 16, 1998 - Review of Jack Andrews, NEW Edge of the Anvil
Posted clarification on JYH project and plans here and elsewhere.
May 17, 1998 - First published hands on review of Richard Postman's Anvils in America!
Sunday Afternoon, added images to Postman review.
Added images, text and link to NEW Edge of the Anvil review
May 19, 1998 - Posted East Coast JYH drawings (Page 3 of News JYH Suppliment)
JYH page 3 links to JYH drawing and more detailed information.
Added direct Suppliment link to page 1 of the NEWS!
May 21, 1998 - Added link from plans to EC-JYH drawing
May 22, 1998 - Posted Little Giant motor power reverse engineering curve in 21st Century
May 23, 1998 - Posted a "Really Stupid Gas Burner" plan in PLANS
May 24, 1998 - Page 4 of News JYH Suppliment. Photos of machining, drilling, welding.
May 30, 1998 - Page 5 of News JYH Suppliment. Photo of hammer after preliminary test! Report and link in Hammer-In to same.
June 1, 1998 - Anvilfire welcomes Centaur Forge, Ltd. as a new advertiser!

June 7, 1998 11:30 PM - Page 6 of NEWS JYH-Supplement. Finished JYH and Guru forging.


June 11, 1998 - Page 7 of NEWS JYH-Supplement Josh Greenwood testing the hammer and photos of the samples. JYH-7
June 17, 1998 - Opening ABANA conference images in NEWS.
June 18, 1998 - Big Blue hammers by Steve Kayne & Sons

Sorry Folks we are having a hard time getting our act together on the postings! More later today!

June 18, 1998 (Morning!) Vol. 2 Page 7 NEWS, West Coast JYH Breaks Down!
June 19, 1998 - Posted a dozen more pages covering the ABANA Convention in Anvilfire News.

Look for the Bull Hammer, Bladesmithing, Little Giant Site, and more!

June 21, 1998 - Posted results of JYH challange! More to follow ASAP!
MONDAY June 22, 1998 - Posting corrections and rewriting captions.
NOTE: It was Art Jones doing the night forging demo with Toby Hickman assisting!
No, there is not life after the ABANA conference! Just lots more work!
TUESDAY June 23, 1998 (noon) - Posted Williamsburg Forge pics with Peter Ross (last night), Don Fogg pic with his press and tool collection shots from the gallery. Improved previously posted image of Francis Whittaker on page 9 of NEWS. Still at it folks! More to come!
Please drop me a line if I have made an error in a caption or you are in the image and want to be identified.

TUESDAY Afternoon - Added Marilyn Romani to Centaur page, added Toby Hickman (we think) to Chambersburg page, posted Brian Russell gate pics (page 21!)- answered questions on guru page and e-mail!
Getting down to the hard to sort and catagorize images.

If you have some good ABANA conference photos we are looking for more to publish! You may e-mail scaned pics or we will scan and return originals (please send select, identified photos).

Mail to:
Dempsey's Forge

WEDNESDAY June 24, 1998 - Posted correct caption on Chambersburg page thanks to input from Toby Hickman. Added image to Brian Russell page and posted a new page with Mike Boone's work.
Also adding "previous page" links to bottom of pages.
Yes, we know we missed a lot. We are trying to post the most interesting images first.

Midnight - Posted a Brake Drum forge in Plans on request AND threw in a couple pictures of my first forge in 21st Century.

July 1, 1998 - Archived Guru page and noted combined Guru & Hammer-In. More impovements to come!

Removed JAVA script form main banner rotation to test. Those of you that have had Java script errors will not have them on the MAIN page and those of you that didn't see our banner's change will now see the page as everyone else. If new system works then the rest of the site will be set up on the same system.

Corrected some errors on main page. Removed the Hammer-In and added Whats New to the main menu.

We still have more ABANA conference photos to post!
Look for our BIG contest coming soon!

Afternoon - Added Latane' Gothic Door Knocker page to news (p.23) and Mary's Scrimshaw to link page.

July 2, 1998 - Removed the Java script from the NEWS and the Guru pages. With the exception of the now defunct Hammer-In, all the Java script that was giving users of old or incompatible browsers trouble, has been removed.

Posted an idea sketch in PLANS of ELSAH (ELectromagnetic Self-contained Air Hammer). Pretty high tech stuff! It may be an idea born too soon.

July 3, 1998 - Updated the ABANA NEWS pages with navagation bar at bottom. Thought I had done so earlier but hadn't uploaded all the pages (sorry 'bout that).

Friday evening - Added a page to the NEWS showing details of some of the coal forges in use at the conference.

WIN a 150# Peter Wright Anvil! Details posted elsewhere!
July 5, 1998 - Posted Volume 3 of the NEWS. Covering the Vikings at Camp Fenby
Posted page 25 of Volume 2 (ABANA) Close up look at NC Wisper Daddy Forges.
YES, I'm still sorting and posting conference pictures! Nearly 100 now!
July 6, 1998 - Posted corrections to NEWS Vol 3 - Camp Fenby, Late afternoon posted bending jig info in 21st Century
July 7, 1998 - Added David Lawrence's comments about his forge to the Camp Fenby Edition.

July 8, 1998 - The Famous 10 Minute Gas forge! Photos and drawings! 21st Century, Forge 10 min
Corrected spelling on 21st Century page. Thanks Jim!
Appended Special Cover Page to Camp Fenby Viking Edition and added a picture of Bruce's Russian anvil to page 5!
July 9, 1998 - Added Bruce's comments about Russian anvil to Fenby p.5
Updated CGI scripts so they properly record userids.
Added Jim Paw Paw Wilson to the list of industry "gurus" having a colored ink "voice" on the Guru page. Jim now speaks with an OD green voice!

July 10,1998 More ABANA pics in the NEWS!
These pages are not finished and there are still more pictures to come but I couldn't wait! I've been working on the stuff for over 12 hours today! Its POST time!
Photos courtesy of Mike Linn of the Alabama Forge Council an ABANA chapter. July 11, 1998 - Added two more pages (7 images) of Mike Linn's to the NEWS. More to come!
July 13, 1998 - Posted Mike Linn's detail photos of the Chapter Ring Grill rings. They are exactly as recieved (good photos but slightly different sizes). I will fix ASAP. --- Still working on plumbing!
July 14, 1998 - Late night - Fixed Chapter Ring photos.
July 15, 1998 - Testing the Slack-Tub Pub Chat. Andrew Hooper of New Zealand volunteered to work on the programming. I don't think he REALLY knew what he was getting into and I'm not sure we can move it to the US.

Added some links and a HotBot search form to the Link page.

Archived the Guru page. 128K in two weeks! Future archives may be done weekly. We changed the acesss to the archives and are still working on the final design. Hopefully this will be more convienient for you and me! In the near future you will be able to access the archives on a more open screen.

The Late ABANA Edition (Vol. 4) now has two more pages and we've made numerous corrections. We still need help identifying people and rings!

If you have ABANA conference photos we will still publish them!

And there is still MORE TO COME!

July 16, 1998 - Added those promised Mike Linn ABANA photos about 1:00 (Friday) and still of more of ours to post!.
Been testing the Slack-Tub Pub and improving the interface! Also fixed a problem in the Guru page.
July 17, 1998 - Posted the last of the Mike Linn photos on page 12!
And added another page of OUR photos AND WE ARE STILL AT IT! And another. . .
July 18, 1998 - Identified Jeff Mohr in the Chapter Ring Grille photo. Corrected some layout errors on same page.

Added link to Lorelei Sims webpage Blacksmith Chic  on page 12, Vol 4 of the NEWS and on the Links page.

Added link to portfolio page of Josh Greenwood in the NEWS. This is a page still in development but has a couple nice jobs illustrated.

Thanks to Clay Spencer we now know who did what! Will be adding further info from Clay during the day.

We are continueing to edit, test and improve the Slack-Tub Pub Chat. The login form has been moved to a local server and the new user help has been corrected to show our changes.

July 23, 1998 - ADDED Clay Spencer's letter about how the Chapter Ring Grill was designed and built.
Continueing to work on improvements to the site! New pages about to come on line!
July, 25 1998 - Updated the mirror of the Blacksmith's Gazette "Coal Scuttle"
July 26, 1998 - Revamped the menus and archives on the the Guru page and the Hammer-In
July 27, 1998 - Reopened the Virtual Hammer-In and announced a NEW feature, the Power hammer Page
July 31, 1998 - Opened a link from Power hammer Page to the new Centaur Forge page! This will be the only link while the page is in development but if you'd like to take a peek its open and has some nice forge pictures.
NOTE: Only two menu items work at this point, anvils and forges. I'll fix the rest of the menu as I go along.

Posted my 100# LG for sale (see Power hammer Page).
The ad has some nice pics and will be kept posted for information after the hammer is sold.

Posted Andrew Hooper's Charcoal retort and Gas Burner plans on the Plans page.

Archived the July Guru page second half and started to fill it up again with questions from the mail and one that came in a 2AM (Why am I up this late?).

August 2, 1998 - Posted page 2 of Power hammer Page - My "new" Niles-Bement 350# air hammer and diagrams from a 1921 manual for same.
August 5, 1998 - Posted NEW Advertising Rates with individual page and exclusive page rates.
August 8, 1998 - NUMBER ONE ON LYCOS, HotBot and Snap! under Blacksmithing!
This changes fast but we made it! Still in the Lycos top ten a week later! We were also number one under Metalwork using a simple keyword search on Infoseek! We are also number one under Blacksmithing NEWS on Yahoo!
August 15, 1998 - Archived Guru page and repaired a bad link in same,
added two new pages (anvils, hammers & tongs) to the NEW Centaur Forge catalog/website.
Corrected an error in the menu of same
Been working out of town and trying to keep up with the page. Sorry we aren't making many of the additions we promised.
August 31, 1998 - POSTED first installment of the "The NEW Air Hammers" on the Power hammer Page. Find out which hammer has the most bang for the buck!

September 5, 1989 - ANNOUNCED Bub Guimetti of Gibbstown NJ as our HOT SUMMER contest winner!
September 6th 1989 - Added two pages to the current news. NEXT news will be coverage of the AFC Tannehill conference.
Server for the Slack-Tub Pub is down. May be a few days before it is back on line.
September 9th 1989 - Had a server problem and lost many posts from the Guru page and Hammer-In. Was several days before I could reinstall files and get back in operation.
Slack-Tub Pub will be out of service until we can install software on another server.
September 15, 1989 - Posting pages of Volume 6 of the news. Images and text from the Alabama Forge Council conference at Tannehill furnace historical park near Birmingham, AL.
Inserted ad for a big shear and a 3B Nazel in the NEWS!
September 16, 1989 - Finished posting 21 pages of Volume 6 of the news!
Posted images of the South African Hammer on page 21!
Updated main pages.
September 17, 1989 - Posted Grant Savers pictures of the Big Boy Fly Presses he is importing on the Power hammer page.
Added a link for the South African Hammer and the news ad page on the Power Page and updated the new hammer review.
Archived the Guru page and added the Power Page to the main menu. Dropped Tannehill conference banner and removed the old contest notice.

Anyone who thinks running a web page is easy should look 100 or so entries above! This doesn't include all the corespondence AND my answereing questions on the guru page!
September 18, 1989 - Added a drawing and text from a standard reference about Fly (Screw) Presses to the Power hammer Page. Updated Sourcebook Classifieds.
September 19, 1989 - Posted a page with a preliminary drawing of the EC-JYH II on the power hammer page. Eventually all the JYH stuff will get moved to there. (No, Jim, this is not the one for you)

September 20, 1989 - Added some more scroll benders to the 21st Century article on benders.
Added another test to Anvils 5 under 21st Century and the results of testing various items. Also added an illustration to Anvils 1
September 26, 1989 - STEEL BALL TEST, Everyones talking about it since I posted it! New update with more data and image of a Shore Scleroscope! See Anvils 5 under 21st Century.
September 27, 1989 - Mentioned where the STEEL BALL test discussion originated on another page (you know where) and my post was deleted. Will no longer post there.
October 4, 1989 - Fixed link from plans to "making an anvil from heavy plate". There were 111 access errors and no one told me!
October 5, 1989 - Archived Guru page and fixed link error to Brian Rognholt's images. Will do more with same.
Fixed link to LAMA (sorry guys)
Posted first part of Volume 7 of the NEWS
October 6, 1989 - Posted page 3 of the news with Paul Parenica from Oklahoma taking leaf making lessons from Josh Greenwood.
November 1, 1998 - Slack-Tub Pub is up and running in a new configuration on a new server. Testing is in progress. Still looking for a host for the OLD tub!
Changed Centaur Forges E-mail address, and added a page for Bruce Wallace, WALLACE METAL WORK.
November 19, 1989 - Old HTML Slack-Tub Pub being tested on the new server. Still a lot of bugs to work out. Not as fast as the IRC chat but it is a lot more friendly.
November 22, 1989 - Posted Volume 8 of the NEWS!
Exciting announcements from Dona Meilach!
Call for Photos for NEW Blacksmithing Book Project!
You heard it on anvilfire first!

Will post more over the Thanksgiving weekend.
November 26, 1998 (Thanksgiving) - Posted photo of Dona Meilach with her letter in the NEWS.
November 27, 1998 - Another anvilfire! FIRST, posted an advance review of Dona Meilach's Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork. Book review includes the story of how anvilfire! helped to get Dona's book republished.
Added links to and from the anvilfire! NEWS announcement of her NEW book project and the book review.
November 28, 1998 - Added Web Site to Dona's release form. If you printed her form before noon EST time today (Saturday) please reprint it.
Photo/information release for Contemporary Ironwork
November 29, 1998
  • Posted a review of Machinery's Handbook on the Book Shelf.
  • Posted a NEW illustrated version of Getting Started on the 21st Century page.
    Both the above are preliminary documents and will need some polishing in the future.
  • Seup the "Log Viewer" in the Slack-Tub Pub with some help from Andrew Hooper. We are almost back to our original setup with a few improvements!

  • 30,000 visits have been made to anvilfire!. It was just a month a ago that we announced breaking the 20,000 mark! The guru page is doing over 200Kb of questions and answers each month and will soon require weekly archival!

    Thank you for your support!

    December 1, 1998 @ 30,655 Archived the Guru page (109Kb) for a toal of 235Kb this month.
    December 2, 1998 @ 30,880 Added two new links to our links list.
    Firesong.com  The Web page of Wil Wilkins
    FORGING Magazine A Penton publication website.
    December 6, 1998 @ 31,371 Posted review of the Jim Hrisoulas video, Forging Damascus
    Added an illustration to the Getting Started article and a tool list.
    Reconnected link from the Virtual Hammer-In to the full sized image of the tool collection and fixed an HTML error on that page.
    December 7, 1998 @ 31,690 Added link to the guru's local ABANA chapter: CVBG  Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild, Richmond area ABANA chapter.
    I should have done this a long time ago! Sorry folks!
    CVBG December meeting and Christmas party to be held Saturday December 12th at Harold Longest's Turpin Forge. See y'all there!
    December 8, 1998 @ 31,945 BRUCE R. WALLACE of Wallace Metal Work will now carry the purple "pen" on the guru page as one of our honored helpers. Thanks Bruce!
    December 13, 1998 @ 32, 833 - Posted final versions with illustrations of two book reviews by Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson, added, then corrected a link to his web site from the guru page.
    Thanks Jim!
    Somehow I didn't load the final copy with the captions and link to the rest of the article! Many of you also missed the pages following because of my mistake! :-(
    Please tell me about these errors!
    AFC NAIL MAKING CONTEST Without commercials!
    December 15, 1998 @ 33,250 - Archived the guru page. Made some edits and added a counter to the Getting Started article and added a link to it on the guru page. Fixed link to the Hrisoulas video review above.
    Will be archiving this (whats new) and the Virtual Hammer-In on the last of the year.
    So far this month anvilfire! has seen as much traffic as it did for ALL of October!
    December 20, 1998 @ 33,900 Added two links to Historic Sites suggested by Bruce Blackistone, Saugus Ironworks and Hopewell Furnace.
    December 25, 1998 - Merry Christmas!
    And many thanks to all our supporters that have made this a GREAT first year for anvilfire!
    December 28, 1998 @ 35,154 - Added an 18th Century anvil to the list of anvils tested for rebound.
    Added a second bender page with pictures of more benders including the DiAcro and the Hossfeld Benders. BENDERS 2. Updated the Brake Drum Forge plans with 2 new drawings.
    December 30, 1998 - Updated the Bender II article again. Added a proper credit for Andrew Hooper and added anothe bender from his collection.
  • Örjans links to blacksmithing  and
  • Örjans links to metalworking to the links page.
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