What's New at anvilfire!

Almost everyday we are adding new items. In order to help you find the newest additions we have added this page. Here we will try to log changes and additions by date as we make them.

NOTE: There will always be daily changes in the Virtual Hammer-In and the Guru page.


December 31, 1998 @ 35,780 / 3489 - Archived the guru page, the Virtual Hammer-In, Previous What's New file AND posted a new anvilfire! NEWS page for the New Year (still in progress).

January 1, 1999 - Posted a page about the Coat of Arms from the town of Eskilstuna, Sweden that we have "borrowed" to use on the anvilfire NEWS.
More coming today!
January 2, 1999 @ 36,100 - Reposted the information on the User Built and JYH's on the Power hammer Page PLUS two new images of the EC-JYH. Also posted some hew cover images for the Power hammer page. I'm TRYING to get organized folks!
January 6, 1999 @ 36,835 - Added a link to Metalworking.com  Support page for metalworkers. A great selection of links, projects files, shareware. Lists of organizations and publications. If its metalworking related you will find it here!
January 8, 1999 - Added a link to a NEW site we have all been waiting for!
The spectacular laminated "Damascus" steels of grandpa Daryl Meier.

January 10, 1999 @ 37,476 - Joined the NEW Blacksmith's WebRing
January 17, 1999 @ 38,860 - Posted a German poster of a 2000 kg Beche Hammer on the power hammer page.
Archived the guru page - still working . . .
January 19, 1999 @ 39,324 - Posted a comprehensive list of power hammer manufacturers on the Power hammer Page.
January 22, 1999 @ 39,900 - Joined two more web-rings! The Ring of Swords and Armourers Ring
January 23, 1999 @ 40,000 - Joined another two more web-rings! The Farriers Web Ring and Homesteaders Web Ring. NOTE: If you get an error using "previous" or "next" on NEW web ring entries it is because we have not been officially entered on the ring. Please report all other errors to us.
January 24, 1999 @ 40,212 - Joined yet another web-ring! The Steelworkers and Welders Web Ring. These guys only have 3 sites so far (including us and the ring), all you welders out there that have web sites need to sign up!
Added TripAir to the manufacturers list on the Power hammer Page.
January 26, 1999 - Having trouble with the way web-ring serves its lists. Their software doesn't like my multiple listings!
Fixed problem late tonight. . .
January 27, 1999 @ 40,940 - Posted, Forge, Micro Article about a Micro Forge on the 21st Century page. Joined another web-ring! The Architecture Web Ring. - VJY:0,0,0
January 28, 1999 @ 41,050 - Temporarily dropped the Steelworkers web-ring.
January 29, 1999 - Server problems at the ISP prevented or greatly slowed access for almost 24hrs. No files or data were lost.
January 31, 1999 @ 41,600 - Posted the first 6 pages of the 1st International Edition of the anvilfire! NEWS PLUS 3 pages of work by Nikolia Semenov.
Archived the guru page for a total of 216 Kb for the month. Noted groups of 6-8 people in the Slack-Tub Pub almost every night lately. We are dumping an average of over 50Kb of chat every day!
February 1, 1999 (5,900 Jan) - Posted page 7 of the NEWS - More of Daniel Boone's demonstration, and corrected an error on page 6.
February 6, 1999 @ 42,713 - Archived the Virtual Hammer-In for January
Added the demo of Nick Vincent from Nathan's Forge, Uniontown, PA, to the anvilfire! NEWS.
Added a link to BladeForums.com "The Leading Edge in Knife Discussion" to our links page.
HELP RATE anvilfire! on BladeForums.com

February 7, 1999 @ 42,960 - Posted two more pages of the anvilfire! NEWS about the Norwegian Christmas celebration in Washington DC with pictures of a reproduction Viking Forge.
Added the Web-Ring Nexus page to several menus (News, Power hammer Page, Hammer-In and guru page). This is for those who have found anvilfire via the Web-Ring and want to get back on.
February 12, 1999 @ 44,216 - Opened the link to the Art of Blacksmithing review. I'm not happy with it, but there it is. Also made some corrections in the FAQ Getting Started.
Posted some pictures of some old "heavy" iron from Finland in the NEWS.
February 17, 1999 @ 44,980 - Corrected the caption on the "big Iron" above and included Antti's text. Also corrected some spelling in the Bealer review (Thanks Jim!)
March 1, 1999 @ 47,765 - (6,000 - Feb) - Archived guru's den and Virtual Hammer-In. Started correcting the dozens of minor errors that creep into a live document like this.
Downloaded 36,000,000 Bytes of anvilfire onto new workstation!
March 5, 1999 @ 48,834 - Added a note to the review of Southwest Colonial Ironwork that it was out of print and out of stock.
March 12, 1999 @ 50,000 - Anvil's Ring with full page anvilfire! ad hit the streets.
March 15, 1999 @ ** 51,000 ** - Posted Volume 11, Ides of March Edition of the anvilfire NEWS!
50K First Year Milestone!

March 16, 1999 - Changed address of the Armourers Ring home page
March 19, 1999 @ 51,873 - Added links to Brian Rognholts Odin Forge and Johan Sangberg's web pages. Also corrected one of Örjans as requested (sorry it took so long).
Continuing to validate and correct errors in pages as time allows.
March 22, 1999 @ 52,666 - Corrected two mistakes noted by Mark Layton, both requiring apologies.
Corrected the link to Brian Russels web site http://www.powerhammers.com and corrected the location of Nick Vincent's home (from Vol. 10 of the anvilfire NEWS). I had Uniontown PA, Nick is from Uniontown, Maryland!. My apologies guys!
Also corrected spelling on the anvilfire! NEWS Vol. 6 page one. Glad you folks are reading the back issues!
March 25, 1999 @ 53,171 - Added Brian Rognholt's web page and email to the MW-JYH article on the Power hammer Page and a counter to his page.
March 28, 1999 @ 53,932 - Finally learned how to clear the log on the Slack-Tub Pub! I will try to maintain it better in the future.
Aggregate "hits" on the anvilfire forums to date:
8,050 + 18,360 + 23,690 = 60,100, not including the four "gurus" who's thousands of accesses to the guru page are not registered by our counters.
March 29, 1999 @ 54,113 - Changed the deadline for photos for Dona Meilach's new book. NOMMA's Fabricator had a late notice about the book and she is swamped with requests for extensions! Deadline is now April 16, 1999. See the NEWS for details.
April 1, 1999 @ 54,805 - Corrected some bad links in the current edition of the news. Archived the guru page and the Virtual Hammer-In (273 Kb/month).
April 2, 1999 @ 55,000 - Added prices to Bruce Wallace's Peddinghaus page that had gotten lost in a previous edit. Added Daryl Meier's banner to the Web-Ring Nexus and Directory.
April 4, 1999 Easter Sunday @ 55,310 - Posted two ABANA 2000 JYH contests on the V. Hammer-In. "Name that Event" and "Most Photogenic". Hm m m . . . a pretty girl with the hammer might not hurt. ;o)
April 7, 1999 @ 56,000 - Finally got my own copy of a web statistics package running. My ISP formerly provided me with host and domain info but no more (so much for improving service)!
In the first week of April we have had visitors from the following (besides the US):
Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel, Finland, Japan, South Africa, France, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, Bahamas, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Netherlands, Spain, Nicaragua, Greece, Russia, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Brazil, Poland.
April 11, 1999 @ 56,627 Added links to IFGS  International Association of Designing Blacksmiths, a bi-lingual website for an international organization.
Added a counter to the Slack-Tub Pub control block. Traffic indicated a lot more "hits" than shown on the counter. Folks who had book marked the chat weren't being counted! (Not your fault guys) Its fixed now.
Posted a cones how to last week and just listed it on the 21st Century page
April 13, 1999 @ 57,341 / 6033
anvilfire! Announces

International Blacksmith's Touchmark Registry

Posted The "Grasshopper" Treadle Hammer Bruce Freeman's finished prototype using a straight line motion. (links to Bruce's site from our plans page)

April 20, 1999 @ 58,695 Modified the fees for the Registry. This is NEW so it may take a while to get everything working the way we want. I'll get an on-line form posted next. We also put the Registry on the main menu.
Posted Clamp, PawPaw's Anvil hold down clamp by Jim "PawPaw" Wilson on the 21st Century page. Also archived 99K of the guru page for the first half of the month AND announced Bruce Blacistone's entry into the guru page color guard (color pending!)
April 25, 1999 @ 59,700 Posted the Spring Fling Edition anvilfire! NEWS. Covers the Blacksmiths Guild of the Potomac annual event including Blowing the Anvil. 11 pages and 40+ photos! Put the CanIron II banner in rotation on all pages.
April 26, 1999 @ 60,000 Updated the April Spring Fling NEWS page, added a link to the BBC webwise page.
May 1, 1999 @ 61,000 / 6,463 Joined the Metal Chain web-ring and added its host Archaeometallurgy.com to the links page.
May 2, 1999 @ 61,160 Archived another 95K of the guru page. We are still dumping about 400K of the Slack-Tub Pub log weekly.
Corrected menus on the archive and Power hammer Page.
May 20, 199 @ 64,715 Added a link to the Bill Epps´ Tennessee Troll on-line tutorial from the Slack-Tub Pub Wednesday night.
Added links to current Hammer-In and Guru pages from the archives.
May 21, 199 @ 64,941 Corrected a grevious error. I THOUGHT I had removed the "Source Book" from the menu due to lack of intrest but accidently removed the advertisers "directory". All fixed now. . .
May 22, 1999 @ 65,044 Archived the guru page (May 1-15)
May 23, 1999 @ 65,133 Posted a NEW review by Jim "PawPaw" Wilson of Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork
May 23, 1999 @ 65,133 Posted a NEW review by Jim "PawPaw" Wilson of Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork
May 25, 1999 @ 65,650

Southeast Conference Edition!

The first pages from the Southeast conference are posted. Still LOTS more to come!

May 26, 1999 @ 65,915 Posted another of Bill Epps "live" tutorials from the Slack-Tub Pub!
Look for Bill Epps doing another live tutorial in the Slack-Tub Pub again this Wednesday (June 2nd) at 9:30pm Eastern, 8:30pm Central.

May 27, 1999 @ 66,053 Posted Robert Miller's photos of the NWBA event with the current NEWS article by Morgan Hall.
June 3, 1999 @ 67,382 Archived 83K of the Guru page. Still sorting and processing images for the NEWS! Brought home ANOTHER 80 or so from the firing of a charcoal bloomery! And its

June 10, 1999 @ 68,773 Launched ANOTHER NEW anvilfire! page.
A showcase for how-to and "interactive" demonstrations from the Slack-Tub Pub. This Andrew (Kiwi) Hooper Production included our first of (hopefully) many animated demonstrations.

June 13, 1999 @ 69,316 Edited the web-ring nexus. Adding the iForge and Rate Card links and replacing the Meier Steel banner that got misplaced (appologies to grandpa).
June 14, 1999 @ 69,554 Updated the link to Arador Armour Library from
http://www.concentric.net/~vistar/arador/armour1.html to
If you've bookmarked this great site then you may want to do it again!
June 16, 1999 @ 69,854 Corrected error in the links to the Web-ring Nexus. . . somehow I had gotten them ALL wrong. .
Still trying to get the last edition of the NEWS out. We still have TONS of pictures from the Southeast Conference and the Alabama Art Casting group. Sorry for the delay.
June 24, 1999 @ 71,482 Posted ANOTHER iForge demo! This one by Jim "PawPaw" Wilson assisted by his alter ego "Dippy Duck".

anvilfire! had 5,500 hits to the main page in May (a slow month). Thats some 12,650 hits in aggregate from an adjusted* 2,782 real visitors from 58 countries (out of 79 to date). Its only been 100 days since we reported breaking 50,000 hits on the main page in our first year!

anvilfire! has released more than one edition of the anvilfire! NEWS per month and has consistantly archived a solid 200KB of Q&A from the guru page. The anvilfire! NEWS has posted approximately 500 images in the past year and has been the first to report numerous hard news items.

*Adjusted by a factor of 1/3 from 8,345 hosts reported served by analog 3.11.
June 28, 1999 @ 72,307 Finally archived the guru page for the first half of June. Will be achiving THIS page at the end of the month. Getting ready for CanIron!

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