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Blacksmithing and metalworking questions answered.

(l')eteau, der Schraubstock, Schmiedeschraubstock, el tornillo de banco, skruvstycke, bankschroef, beenskroef,

Anvils in America, THE book about anvils Vise Gallery

Catalog of Vise Catalogue Pages 1780 - 1958

FROM the guru's personal library. A dozen catalogs and books, over one hundred scans and 50 pages of screw vise and tool images spanning over 180 years and three languages. Some of these catalogs are the type now found on-line in scanned library resources, others are rare and very hard to find and a couple have recently been in print and possible to find new.

This is a lifetime collection from a non-collector.

Catalog collections are important resources for researchers and historians. They provide a snapshot of the state of development of the time. They are resources that were the primary sources for recently published books such as Anvils in America and Pounding out the Profits.

Catalogue of Tools for Watch and Clock Makers   By John Wyke of Liverpool (England ~1780). A reprint by the The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, 1978. 3 vise plates out of 62 copper plate engravings (Reprint 152 pages).

Basic tools through screw and gear cutters, dividing heads. One of my favorite old tool books.


Nuevo Manual Del Cerrajero Y Herrero

Not a catalog but an illustrated Spanish locksmithing manual from 1852 filling a large gap in our timeline. Simple line drawings with one very interesting vise.


Mousehole Forge

Not a catalog but a current publication by Richard Postman with a few reproduced catalog pages. One peculiar vise. Image used by permission.

Thos.K Carey & Bro's. Co. 1899   Engines, Boilers, Pumps, Metal & Wood-Working, Machinery. Railway & Machinists Supplies. 6 vise pages out of 808 pages (10 scanned).

If you live on the East Coast of the US and you've delt with old machinery there is a good chance that you have seen a brass "Carey" tag.

See Carey 1930 Catalog below

Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co. Illustrated Catalogue of Tinsmiths' Tools and Machines, HARDWARE and Mechanics' Tools., 1905

Besides sheetmetal ans tinsmiths tools PEXTO made carpenters' and general mechanic's tools. Among them a couple small vises.

Louis Reijners Amsterdam, Gereedschappen, 1912 Language Dutch. 220 pages of industrial metal shop and blacksmithing tools with 4 vise pages.

A limited distribution reprint by Rob Whithurst and Ed Lancaster, Hotemper Publishing.

Tools Machinery Blacksmiths Supplies   Sears, Roebuck and Co. Chicago, 1915. An ABANA and Mid-West Tool Collectors Association reprint, 1984.

Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing catalog No. 56   Louisville, Kentucky, USA 1917


Starrett Book for Machinists Apprentices
1915 - 1928, Vise assembly and detail drawing examples. Vise working positions.

Dixon First Quality Tools and Supplies   William Dixon, Inc, Kinney Street, Newark, NJ USA 1926.

Carey Machinery & Supply Co.    10th Edition, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 1930

If you live on the East Coast of the US and you've delt with old machinery there is a good chance that you have seen a brass "Carey" tag.

See Carey 1899 Catalog above.

Woodbury & Company, Industrial Supplies, Heavy Hardware, Steel   Portland, Eugene, Medford, Coos Bay, Oregon, USA, 1950. 646 Pages, 5 scanned.

Industrial Supply Co. Catalog cover

Industrial Supply Corporation   Industrial Supplies and Machinery, Richmond, Virginia, USA, 1955. Vises and blacksmiths tools.

Athol, Eagle, Rock Island.

MISC Loose Pages   Collected from various sources. Vises and blacksmiths tools. Athol, Rock Island, Vulcan Anvils Catalog Gallery

A small collection (due to the limited subject) of swage block and cone mandrel listings, some from sources above, some from other catalogs not in our possession.


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Screw Vises modern and antique.

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