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Anvils in America, THE book about anvils Vise Gallery

anvilfire Vice Gallery - Wilton Model 1160 Drill Press Vise

Wilton Old Style Drill Press Vise

Wilton 1160 (Pre-1999) Drill Press Vise

Photos by Author.

A drill press vise is a specialty vise designed for one purpose, holding work on a drill press while drilling holes. It is not heavy enough for milling, its not strong enough for general work holding. It is only good for what it is designed for.

The post 1999 1460 model of this vise has a rapid action nut. The earlier model does not

This vise is SIMPLE, it works well and its just heavy enough to do the job (not too heavy). The vise has machined sides so it can be used on edge OR clamped in another vise (a larger version of itself). A V-groove in the back jaw lets it clamp round work and when on its side the vise can be used to center drill rounds and shafts. The moving screw does not go past the jaws as many do thus it is not an obstruction to drilling through a work piece and does not get dinged by the drill bit.

Wilton drill press vise in use on 25 in. Champion dril press and two cans of WD-40.
Drill Press Vise in use. Always buried in chips.

X1-power hammer project drilling
Pilot drilling 16ga part supported on wood block in vise (common practice).

I bought this used 6" Wilton drill press vise at a local Saturday morning flea market. The jaw slide surface had drill holes welded up with ni-rod and then ground on a surface grinder. But the repair job was not finished. With the working surface lowered the jaw retainer did not fit snuggly against the underside of the slide ways. SO the moving jaw rattled around. . . The price was right.

When I got home with the vise I took it apart, chucked the 6" rectangular jaw in the 6" Craftsman lathe (a very close fit) . . took off a bit and left a few thousandths for clearance. Minutes later it was working perfectly and I've been using it regularly for years. With the drill press one of the most used machines in the shop, this vise is one of the most used tools as well.

Drill press vises are most often used alone but we often use other furniture with the vise. Spacers are used to support long pieces and clamps to hold down odd or heavy work. Wood blocks slightly narrower than the work are used to support parts and protect the vise when drilling through over the ways.
  • Dimensions:
        6" wide,
        6.75" opening
        2.125" jaw height
  • Weight:
Wilton 1100 exploded isometric drawing

iForge drill press furniture how-to.
Drill 101 - Drill Press Furniture
When it won't fit in a drill press vise or if you don't have one.

Wilton Bullet Vise

Wilton C3 "Bullet" Vise

From the collection of Emerald Koch, Includes parts diagram and cutaway view.

WILTON Offset Engineers Vise

Beautiful photos of a NOS (New Old Stock) vise. Plus Dawn Tool Co. the designers of this vise.

Premntiss Vise Gallery Thumbnail

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Screw Vises modern and antique.

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