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Junk Yard Construction Rules

  1. Never buy anything new. Pay as little as possible. Found items are better.
     Things you are paid to haul away are best!

  2. Never pass up a piece of "carry iron" along the highway no matter how life
     threatening the situation.

  3. A tape measure is the only measurement tool needed to build anything.

  4. Disassembly and cutting is done with a torch and "machining" with an angle grinder.

  5. Precision means using a finer disk on the angle grinder.

  6. An arc welder is your primary assembly tool.

  7. If you need a round hole find a part with a hole that size and weld it on. .

  8. There is no such thing as "drops". They are precut stock.

  9. Rust is the universal protective coating.

10. If you can't stick it together with an arc welder, bind it with a hose clamp or
       duct tape it together then its too high tech.

11. Vise-Grips, a big Crescent wrench and a hammer are the only hand tools you need.

12. Maintainable is if the thing can be torched apart and then welded back together.

13. A scrap pile is money in the bank and appreciates over time.

14. Nothing is what it seems. . .

15. You can insult me, my wife, my dog, but NOT my pickup truck or scrap pile!

Scrap in the yard.

Junk Yard Materials

1. Structurals, Plate, Angle Iron, Pipe and Tubing are "Manna from Heaven".

2. Machine parts, pillow blocks, pulleys, shafts, chain, sprockets. . .are gold!

3. Big parts off heavy equipment or anything industrial are cash or trade goods.

4. Auto drive train parts, old appliances and common metal items are the staples or
     "meat and potatoes" of Junk Yard construction.

5. Used Pallets are a supply of hard wood and imported pallets and crates exotic
     hardwoods (really).

MANY THINGS in these articles are written with tongue in cheek and should be taken with a sense of humor as well as tempered with common sense. Humor IS part of the philosophy.


Junk Yard Construction Part 1 : Junk Yard Philosophy A way of life.

Part 2 : Junk Yard Construction Methods Techniques for Building with Junk and Scrap.

Part 3 : Suggestions for Repurposing Junk

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