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Edition 40 - Page 40 of 41 July 27, 2006
Impressions: ABANA Conference
Seattle, WA 2006 - by Frank Turley
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There were not too many outdoor tailgaters, but the few that were there had quite an assortment of used and new tools. Among them were the two proprietors of Rathole Forge anvils. J.B., of Rathole, explained that during the past few months, the business was on "molasses hold" because of the belated pours at their foundry. They now have located another foundry with which they are satisfied. At this writing, the anvil faces are Blanchard ground at the foundry and more finely finished at the home place in Wyoming. The horns are finished in Wyoming. Steve can be contacted by phone at 307-733-7668. J.B.'s phone is 307-859-8827.

Corky Storer had a large flatbed of tools and equipment that he was pedaling.

I bought a 75 pound early English (colonial?), horned anvil from The Dalles, Oregon, seller Jesse Brewer. Brewer thought that he had traded for it when he was in Ohio.
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Inside of a large hangar on the site was situated the registration area, the Iron Gallery, and the commercial sellers of smithing goods. There was also a setting for classes, auctions, and slides. The gallery had lots of good work and a little bit of middling work. There was a nice retrospective of Doug Hendrickson's work. I am always impressed with Maria Cristalli's design sense and workmanship. A small ornamental Yellin piece was contributed by granddaughter Clare, and was up for bid.

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Nimba anvils

were displayed indoors, and Willene Jaqua was at the helm. The Nimbas were prevalent at the demonstration sites. We spent time with Little Giant's Sid Suedmeier, his wife Mary, and daughter, Keri. By the way, Keri is being groomed to learn the mechanics of both the hammer and the business, so that she may take over at a future date. They had their usual table of spare parts and had two rebuilt 25 pounders for sale.

Blacksmith Depot and Pieh Tool were present. There were some hi-tek wrought iron machines on exhibit, made by Hebö. Nahum Hersom had a small table display, and it was like a "spit and whittle club" over there; lots of visiting. Don Kemper, ABANA's president had for sale some bill-less work caps that were adjustable in size, a good idea. I got one.

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Number one blacksmith site. July 27, 2006
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