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Edition 40 - Page 39 of 41 July 27, 2006
Impressions: ABANA Conference
Seattle, WA 2006 - by Frank Turley
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Click for details of ABANA Conference photos Fig. 156. a2159.jpg One person's viewpoint.

First of all, I did not take part in the forging classes, the Iron in the Hat, the auctions or the beer garden. Part of the reason was that I was offered a cabin in the woods by a Turley "grad student", and it was 25 miles east of the conference site. We got an early start toward the cabin each day to avoid the freeway rush.

We had very good weather during the conference with lots of sun and partly cloudy days. At my home in Santa Fe, where we've been having a prolonged drought, we had over an inch of rain in one day. Go figure.
Click for details of ABANA Conference photos Fig. 43. a1127.jpg Terry Kungekanan
Click for details of ABANA Conference photos Fig. 46. a1136.jpg Frank and Juanita

Along with the Australian contingent came a native didgeridoo player, Terry Kungekanan, who had two of his instruments with him. He opened the show. Following that, there were introductions of board members and other notables.

A eulogy was given for the recently departed Russell Jaqua by his widow, Willene. The entire conference was dedicated to Jaqua's memory.

Nahum Hersom, the stake repoussť artist of Boise, Idaho, was called on stage by Jerry Kagele, the conference chairperson, to receive a lifetime achievement plaque for his work and his teaching over the years. My wife, Juanita, and I dressed in our American Indian regalia and sang for him a Lakota Honoring Song. I think we surprised everyone except Jerry and his wife. We did this little ceremony because we knew Nahum, and we knew that he was of Narragansett tribal ancestry. We also knew that in his early days, he was a good Indian dancer and had trained a large number of Scouts in Indian lore and dancing. He had spent quite a bit of time with the Winnebago and Lakota tribes. Nahum was very surprised and appreciative.

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Tom Joyce's keynote address followed. Brent Kington was slated to speak also, but I heard by the grapevine that he was ill.

Beginning about 9PM, the attendees were given a wonderful Polynesian performance of dancing, drumming, and singing. We were shown both Hawaiian and Tahitian styles of dancing, as well as dances from other Polynesian islands.
NOTE: Jerry Henderson has edited a spiral bound book describing some of Hersom's techniques, Nahum Hersom Repousse. I purchased mine from The Booksmith, Norm Larson's booth. Norm sells out of Lompoc, California. Henderson resides in Warren, Oregon. The book has 63 pages with photos of tools and sheet metal patterns.

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