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Edition 37 - Page 11 of 13 Febrero, 2005
Costa Rica Blacksmithing
Molly's Vacation in Costa Rica

My Daughter Molly is a landscape designer and joined me for a week of my trip to Costa Rica. On the first day she took a tour of a mountain rainforest.

In Central America the high mountain rainforests are call "cloud forests" because they are up in the clouds that gather at the mountain tops.
Left  Molly on huge strangler fig. These are a woody vine that grow on rain forest trees eventualy killing the tree and leaving behind hollow framework of the fig. Above, cloud forest on Volcan Plantanar
Looking up Plantanar  Looking down at the valley
Volcan Poas

Day two we visited Poas, Waterfall Gardens and other nearby attractions.

This is a favorite tourist attraction. A road climbs to the visitor center a few hundred yards from this view. There are active steam vents in the crater. On a clear day you can see both the Carribean and the Pacific Ocean freom here.
On path to crater

The hazyness in the photo to the left is the clouds hugging the mountain top. In Costa Rica the weather changes moment by moment. It can be bright and sunny with rain blowing off a nearby mountaintop at the same time. Below, one of those moments.

Cuidad Quesada City Square
Rainbow from wind blown rain off Volcan Platanar in the background.
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Costa Rica
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