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Edition 37 - Page 2 of 13 Febrero, 2005
Costa Rica Blacksmithing
Tico Blacksmiths
Johan Cubilios met us at the San Jose airport with the universal sign of the blacksmith, an anvil. I knew of Johan through anvilfire and last February Frank Turley had spent a week or so in Costa Rica teaching Johan and helping him setup his shop. Since then Johan has come a long way, he is working in and managing a shop in Escazu a suburb of San Jose.

Josh Greenwood lives part time in Costa Rica and is building a "retirement" home and business here.

Left, Johan showing Josh his prized Wilkinson anvil.
  Johan and Josh discussing Johan's current project.

This job has all the usual headaches. Johan expected to be able to use an Anyang power hammer he bought to do much of the work but it was dropped at the dock breaking the motor pulley and damaging the cylinder cap and bolts. So all the forging is being done by hand. Due to the size of the job others are doing the assembly work which is not as good as Johan wanted. Now that the job is about 1/3 co0mplete the customer wants to make changes. . .
Rail  Johan is making 60 meters (195 feet) of this rail as his first big commision.
A Menorah Johan made as a practice piece using piercing and forging in assembly.

Sample Hinge Parts

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Costa Rica
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