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Edition 36 - Page 3 of 3 January 1, 2005
KeenJunk Closes

In the 11th hour (actualy Dec 31 16:54:54 PST 2004) after Rich Waugh made public the attempt to purchase and keep KeenJunk alive Winnikoff announced that he was turning the KeenJunk Archives over to the INTERNET ARCHIVE. This organization attemps to archive ALL the web and uses a system like search engine spiders to gather web sites.

Practicaly all the web is archived there. Those familiar with using the system will know that it is difficult to use and is consistantly overloaded. Both anvilfire and KeenJunk are already there. However, the system is also erratic and timeouts often leave pages with missing images, links to old content rather than new. Relative paths from root "/" work but full URLs are often broken. The system is constantly being adjusted but the Q&A forums there indicate chronic problems. Sites relying on Javascript menus often don't work and unless you know what page you are looking for the search system is not as good as public search engines which is not saying much. Atempts to load archived pages tonight failed due to timeouts or were missing.

Archived sites also do not show up in search engines and the likelyhood of someone casualy looking for information to find it at the INTERNET ARCHIVE is exceedingly rare. Imagine it as a library with no sign and the door hidden.

Maintaining an archive of data on the web is more than just storing it. Things change. Browsers evolve, links to outside references change, parts of pages get lost during copies and backups and must be searched for and corrected. Like a library the volumes must be contantly culled, sorted and reindexed.

My final post on the Junkyard

First, PAW-PAW wants to know that he will miss the Yard and feels bad he could take part in the going away party.

However, PAW-PAW has been moving and everything that could go wrong to delay getting back on line has done so. What he expected to be a couple days has now streched into weeks.

THE YARD and ANVILFIRE: Those of you that have been here from the begining or have read the earliest archives know that I spent over a year answering questions here ever day the same as I do on anvilfire. At the time I thought things could be done better and I traded numerous e-mails with Neil about features and improvements. Lack of certain abilities here frustrated me so I moved on and launched anvilfire.

During the transition to anvilfire there were some misunderstandings and hurt feelings and the two sites went their seperate ways. Many folks frequent one forum or the other but many frequent both.

Our Virtual Hammer-In is very similar to this forum. In fact they both run on the same original guest-book script. I have modified the formating for anvilfire and added various improvements but it is still based on the same ancient (in web terms) script.

The Virtual Hammer-In is a free for all forum like this and everything and anything that can be discussed in a family friendly public forum is discussed there. In seven years I have only had to edit out three posts that were not acceptable. The format is very similar and the discussions the same.

WELCOME: Those of you that are looking for another forum need look no further. We require no registrations, no passwords and your e-mail addresses are protected from SPAM harvesting engines by an encryption system.

In the near future we will be adding features to anvilfire to replace some of those lost here. Those of you that have registered for our chat, the Slack-Tub Pub please be patient. These are all handled manually by myself and I am always a month or so behind.

CYBERSMITHS INTERNATIONAL: Like KeenJunk anvilfire has been a technical chalange and expensive to run. In order to continue operating we have formed a non-profit organization, CyberSmiths International (CSI) to help fund and maintain anvilfire and other blacksmithing sites. anvilfire and CSI host which in turn hosts many ABANA affiliate sites. There is a good chance we host YOUR local organizational site. Joining CSI supports anvilfire as well as dozens of local blacksmithing organizations.

MY THANKS to Neil for having the idea to launch this forum. Without the Junkyard there would be no anvilfire.

Happy New Year to ALL

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