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Volume 34 - Page 31 of 37 July 18, 2004
ABANA Conference Gallery
Richmond, Kentucky - EKU Campus
Moose Antlers Moose Antlers 
Antlers were used in a variety of pieces. In some cases the antlers were sculpture, in others the antlers were real and used as part of the piece.

Many of the photos taken in the gallery were too dark (typical gallery lighting) or had cluttered backgrounds that made the piece impossible to see. The photos used here are those that were suitable for reproduction. This was the primary criteria used in their selection.

Some pieces had ledgible names nearby others not. If you know the maker's name please let us know and we will give them credit.
Gallery Photos by Shane Curfman 13 year old son of Dean Curfman owner of Big BLU Mfg. Co.

Shane did a better job than many adults with far more experiance using a camera. In general his composition is good and he did not cut off parts of the subject matter. He did a great job under difficult conditions. Thanks for the photos Shane!
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