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Volume 34 - Page 30 of 37 July 7, 2004
Fort Boonesborough
Capt. Ralph W. Marcum Interperter at Fort Boonesborough and operator of Hooten Old Town
Fort Boonesborough Fort Boonesborough

On the way home I played tourist for a minute and stopped by the reconstructed fort on the Kentucky River off highway 627 the road between Winchester and Richmond. Since I was born in Richmond I thought it was time I saw the sites.

There I met Ralph Marcum a long time reenactor and historic interperter. He was playing the part of frontier surveyor. In the 1700's and 1800's many of the survey crews were the REAL explorers, spending months in places no European had previously visited.
Interior of Fort

Besides historic interpertation Ralph is a photographer who produces "old time" photos and he operates Hooten Old Town an 1880's frontier town reconstruction.

Ralph has also done blacksmithing and blacksmithing demonstrations. I could have easily taken the entire day to talk with Ralph but had an 8 hour drive ahead of me.

If you get a chance, stop in the surveyor office at the fort or visit Hooten Old Town in McKee, KY.
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July 7, 2004 Edition
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