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Volume 34 - Page 27 of 37 July 7, 2004
2004 ABANA Conference
Richmond, Kentucky - EKU Campus
Uri Hofi - Big BLU Team Gallery
Big BLU Team photographed by Brian Gilbert The Big BLU team with Uri Hofi and results of demos
From left to right, Uri Ayalon from Israel, Preston Farabow, Steve Barringer of B2 Designs, Zeevik Gottlieb, Paul Garret, Shane Curfman, Dean Curfman, Uri Hofi, Jock Dempsey of, Jay Holeman, Ted Thompson, Josh Smith (Not Pictured)
Uri Hofi and Dean Curfman Dean Curfman and Uri Hofi  Dean is the manufacturer of Big BLU hammers and brought Uri Hofi to the ABANA conference to demonstrate his forging methods on the Big BLU hammer.
During his demos Uri made simple (and not so simple) components and basic shapes. At the end of the conference, under the direction of Steve Barringer of the Big BLU Hammer school and Paul Garrett resident smith at John C. Campbell Folk School, Ted Thompson from NC, Preston Farabow from Knoxville, TN and Jay Holeman from Pilot Mt., NC, assembled Uri's pieces into sculptures with assistance from the tools and resources of the ABANA set up crew.

This colabarative effort produced some amazing work. The total collection of 17 lots brought some $3,025 at the ABANA auction.
Uri Hofi Big BLU Team Item 2 Uri Hofi Big BLU Team Item 1 Uri Hofi Big BLU Team Item 3 Gallery Continues on page 28 
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