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Volume 21 - Page 4 of 11 July 12, 2000
ABANA 2000 Conference
Flagstaff, AZ - USA
Bruce Wallace presenting prize to Mark Krause.
JYH Event AKA the Gong Show or the

When we came to AZ we had only one, maybe two confirmed entrants in the JYH Event. When we got here it was not much better. However, by the time of the event we had four machines. Fine machines all.

When the time for the event came WE had a differnt plan than the convention committee. They had planned their "Gong Show" which I had not planned our guys to be part of. When first asked about it in 1998 I said I thought it was an insult to the inventor/builders of the machines. I thought the issue had gone away. It hadn't.

When event time came the schedule had the Gong (clown show) alternating with the hammers. I want to publicly appologize to the contestants for this. continued

Dan Dreyer's hammer took 2nd place.
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ABANA 2000 Edition
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