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Volume 21 - Page 2 of 11 July 13, 2000
ABANA 2000 Conference
Flagstaff, AZ - USA
JYH - Rusty Appalachian Hammer On the plane from Altanta there were at least 4 other smiths traveling to Flagstaff. In Phoenix several people asked about the blacksmith's conference. This is a big event for this area.

We arrived in Flagstaff and entered conference through the tailgate area. We met many folks from back East from North Carolina, Florida and Alabama. We also saw Frank Turley and a few others notables.

To the left , a "Rusty" Appalachain Hammer in the tailgate area. space

Three "Kinyon" style hammer built by the Arizona Blacksmiths. space
There was a wonderful collection of a "antique" power hammers provided by Sid Sudemeier and Paul Parenica from Oklahoma City, OK. We will have more photos of these machines later.

THIS is shaping up to be THE power hammer conference. Every demonstration has one, there is the collection of old hammers and the JYH (non) event.

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ABANA 2000 Edition
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