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Volume 21 - Page 8 of 11 July 23, 2000
ABANA 2000 Conference
Flagstaff, AZ - USA    The gang's all here!
The gang at Cracker Barrel Paw-Paw, Ralph Douglas, Rich Hale, (Ralph Jr?) and Dawn. The gang at Cracker Barrel Left - Ray Davis, Jim Joyce (standing at rear)
Right - Bruce Wallace, Paw-Paw, Ralph the kids and Dawn.
Todd Rich Pubbers The gang from the Slack-Tub Pub get together for dinner at Cracker Barrel. This is not the first time our folks that have met in cyber space have gotten together. Gordon Dempsey came down from Alaska to vist JJ in California. Diamag has been down from Canada to Texas to visit (work) with Bill and Sharon. So has JJ.

Left - Torin (Todd Rich). Torin's video using a borrowed camera turned out better than ours and will soon be showing on AnvilCAM

Bill Epps looking tired from the long trip (they finaly made it!), Ralph's kids and wife Dawn, Tedd Harris at the far end of the table. Bill, Ray Davis, Rich Hale (striped shirt), Sharon Epps and Bruce Wallace. The red haired fellow next to Ray is Tedd Harris's son David and the young lady clapping her hands is Tedds grandaughter Morgan.
Marie and Ray Davis discussing digitizing photos with Paw-Paw (Jim Wilson)
Right - Miz Shardegay
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ABANA 2000 Edition
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