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CanIRON II Conference Edition
CanIron Day Two
Frank Turley, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
Upsetting a small bar Frank Turley upsetting a small bar. Frank recommended chamfering the end of the bar to get a good upset. The chamfer prevents the bar from spreading at the edges and focused the blow further down the bar (see notes below).
Morgan Hall's notes Morgan Hall took these notes during Frank's demo. Note the right and wrong way to make an upset.
So why should I take my own when a photo will do?
Frank Turley forming a spoon on a wood surface. Frank Turley finishing a spoon on a vise handle.
Forging a Flux Spoon To make the bowl Frank used a ball pien hammer and just let the hot iron make its own depression in the wood. Afterwards he commented that it would be nice to have a small mushroom stake. Someone said, "Use the vise handle"! So he did. A ball pien hammer clamped in the vise works good too.
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