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Volume 14 - Page 9 of 11
CanIRON II Conference Edition
CanIRON Day Two
Frank Turley, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
An exclusive anvilfire report
Frank Turley's Notes Frank Turley runs a blacksmithing school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After watching Frank for a day I think I'd enjoy a few weeks there. Frank's demo's a CanIRON were on tool making and I believe he had something of interest for anyone at any level of expertise.
Frank Turley forging Frank Turley forging a piece of S-7
Frank with Sid Sudemeier Sid Sudemeier kept a close eye and a full ol can ready for the Little Giants being used by the demonstrators. This rebuilt 25# L.G. was walking down the slope it was setting on so Sid is bracing it. Later the machine performed flawlessly after being leveled. Sid's rebuilt machines run better than when they we new. See the Power hammer page for Sid's address.
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July 1st 99 Edition
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