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CanIRON II Conference Edition
CanIron - Friends
These are a few of the folks we finaly got to meet that many of us only know through anvilfire!
Dimag Many of you have chatted with "Dimag" on the Slack-Tub Pub. Paul Dimaggio lives on a remote section of the Alaskan Highway. Susan (my wife) and I had a nice dinner with Paul and got to learn a lot about Canadian / US relations.
Morgan Hall and Vandy Morgan Hall has been a contributor to the anvilfire news. His daughter Vandy (taking MY picture at the same time) is one of those young artists that wants to try it all. She is now learning blacksmithing (and glass making, and. . .)
Bob Miller and his wife Robert Miller and his wife. Bob has been one of my long time corespondants and is a regular on anvilfire when his carpal tunnel isn't acting up. Bob wants you to know it is serious business. A professional computer programmer and new blacksmith, his livelyhood AND his blacksmithing now suffers because of something as simple a typing too much!
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July 1st 99 Edition
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