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CanIRON II Conference Edition
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Francis Whitaker speaks Francis Whitaker spoke to an attentive crowd and later had one on one sessions with anyone that had a question.
Francis Whitaker Francis started his talk with a story about and fellow that wanted to learn joinery. When he asked how to make a "good" joint an old craftsman said, "Its either a JOINT or its NOT.

Francis has always had strong opinions about how to do things right and what is best.

Neil Gus Neil Gustafson, Vancouver Island, BC loading the Kuhn hammer and concrete foundation he brought for the demonstrators. Neil writes after he got home,
"Good day, hey. We made the trip home safely, with the hammer on my 'pick-up' and the 'Flyin Forge' wagging it's tail behind me, all the way home. No rain. We got to the ferry terminal in time to watch the last one for that day, sail into the beyond. Another night at the 'IN LINE HOTEL'.
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July 1st 99 Edition
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