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CanIRON II Conference Edition
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Frank Turley with Striker cutting hammer punch -1. Frank Turley working with a striker, Mac Brown of Calgary. Frank is preparing a piece of tool steel to make a hammer-eye punch. He used an identical tool to make the hammer-eye IN the punch.
Frank Turley with Striker cutting hammer punch -2. The material is S-7, an air hardening steel. Besides being air hardening it is prone to dissintergration if worked at too high a temperature. Since it is "red hard" this make s for a very narrow temperature range. The part is carefully being cut aput 1/3 through on all four faces.
Frank Turley with Striker cutting hammer punch -3. The point of doing this is to isolate the piece that is to be worked. Heat loss back to the cool part of the billet is much less and you get to work much longer. You haven't wasted any effort since you are going to cut the part off here anyway. Working smart can save you a lot of time, effort and fuel!
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July 1st (21st) 99 Edition
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