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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 10 - Page 12
International Edition
Heavy Iron From Finland!
Antti Sakari Salminen sends us some old iron!
I eroneously identified this as a "bulldozer" and Bruce Wallace corrected me. Its a big upsetter. (Its STILL a BIG metal masher!). These photos are from an old iron works near Helsinki, Finland called Fiskars.

According to Antti:
There used to be a whole heavy duty forging plant around this old beauty. When they tore it down this one was for some reason left alone. Itīs German and probably from the 30īs. They used to forge plowshares but after the market kind of went down the only one to forge in the whole town is one bladesmith who works in the red barn behind the machine.

The place is called Fiskars and itīs about 70 km west from Helsinki. In fact the whole town used to be a huge steel and cutlery factory back in the 19th century and was owned by Finnish company called Fiskars.

Well, today itīs still owned by Fiskars. Nowadays they own also Gerber Knives, Wilkinson Sword and lots of other stuff around the globe.

Some got it all ;-)

More Big Iron
This just goes to show that the U.S. isn't the only place with old iron going to waste. Once a major iron works the buidings are now used for a variety of purposes.
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