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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 10 - Page 5
International Edition
Panonama inside the Daniel Boone's shop
Well now that I've got you in the door I thought you would want to look at this one again!
I just barely know a few of the people in the new Central Virginia Guild and except for a few members of Dan's family I don't know ANY of the folks from the MId-Atlantic Smiths. If you want to take it on your own to identify all these people I'll gladly post their names!
Interior of Dan's shop
Everybody was wondering if Dan's shop was always this clean! The indoor shop has a gas forge and Kuhn power hammer. Dan also has an outdoor shop with a roof for shade and a coal forge.
Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone explaining what he is getting ready to do.
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February 1st International Edition.
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