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Tell them you found it on!

Anvils in America, THE book about anvils Comics

Young Thomas and Friend Fishing in a row boat overloaded with anvils, the friend says. . .

I should have known better than to go
fishing with Thomas the anvil finder!

Hmmmmm. . . I wonder what he uses for bait?

Finders are an elite group of people. To those of us that are not finders they seem to have super powers. Finders are those rare people that know how to find unusual items that we mere mortals often cannot. Finders have been known by different names such as "the go to man" and the "scrounger" but have always had the same skills, they know how to find things and wheel and deal to obtain them. Finding is part skill that can be learned and an innate talent that one is born with or unconsciously develops.

In the case of one finder it has been said that if he fell into a pile of manure he would get up and dust off a dozen anvils that had stuck to him!

For some of the secrets of Finders I have known, see How to Find an Anvil

For the real Thomas see ANvil and hAmmeR HeaDs in the NEWS

Two anvils talking while smith works - one anvil with blood shot eyes. . .
Man, I had too much slack-tub juice last night!

I've been ringing all morning.

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