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Anvils in America, THE book about anvils Comics

Four smiths, loose sledge hammer heads flying off, hitting head, through window, ducking running. . .

When was the last time you inspected and repaired all your handled tools?

January 31, February 1: Hammer Handle Day

An anvilfire day on the last weekend of January, or first days of February dedicated to wood handled tool cleanup and repair.

Repair all those abused, worn and weathered tool handles. Replace, re-wedge, glue, sand, varnish, paint and repair those neglected handled tools. Every tool from shovels to fine graving hammers can benefit from a touch with a file or grinder, a little paint and varnish. They will last longer and be safer to use.

Handle Repair an FAQ

Two anvils relaxing in an oak barrel slack-tub hot tub
The Hot-Tub Party. Anvils relaxing after hours.

Why your anvils are wet and rusting in the morning.

Many of us like to relax in the hot-tub after a long day.

The fact is rust is driven largely by condensation. Metal items, especially heavy ones remain cool as the air around them warms and picks up more moisture. When that warm moist air finds your tools water collects on them and rust is the end result. Kepping tools and machinery stored where the temperature is constant will reduce condensation and rust.
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