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International Ceramics Products

Blacksmiths Stake Anvil

Blacksmiths Stake Anvil


Photos from Ted Mays, Tool Collection Tour   Blacksmiths Stake Anvil

This stake has a tapered shank and no shoulder. It is to be used in a stake plate or a stump, NEVER an anvil hardy hole.

Blacksmiths stake anvils serve a number of useful purposes.

  • They were an auxulliary anvil to heavy forging anvils that often had no horn.
  • The slender arms are useful for shaping rings and collars.
  • In small shops that did occasional light forging or riveting they may have served as the only anvil.
  • They are the precursors to specialized sheetmetal stakes and served for that purpose until the late 19th century.
Stake anvils range in weight from 30 pounds to over 100 pounds. The heavier stake anvils often served as general purpose anvils in the field.

  • Forged Steel
  • Round Horn 6.5" long
  • Square Horn 6.5" long
  • Length approx 16.25" x 16" tall
  • Hexagonal shank
  • Weight 25 pounds
  • Good condition.

Antique Blacksmiths Stake Anvil

Ted Mays Blacksmith Tool Collection

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