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A Damascus
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Featuring Mike Norris

Video DVD with Chapter Menu, 80 minutes, plastic Amaray® premium DVD case
REVIEW  by Jock Dempsey

This is another professionally produced video by Big-BLU Productions. It is exceptionally well filmed and edited to professional standards. There is a chapter index so you can find each step as needed.

Mike Norris is a professional bladesmith turned Damascus steel maker. Mike is a designer of William Henry Knives and supplies Damascus to many other fine knife makers.

In this video every step of production of the laminated Damascus steel and making it into a knife is covered. Building the billet, welding, pattern development, forging to thickness, profiling, grinding, heat treatment, etching, making and fitting furniture, assembly and finishing. However, this is not a beginners bladesmithing video. Mike uses professional tools and techniques learned over many years. The video does not discuss the equipment in use, details of operation or equipment options.

As always there is a new trick or two to pickup from every smith and Mike has no shortage of tricks. The welding of the billet is done dry inside a wrap of stainless heat treating foil. This avoids the heavy stainless tube many others are using for fluxless (dry) welding.

Another neat trick is Mike's adjustable center marking gauge. It uses a screw thread adjustment to set the position of a scribe for marking the center of the blade and the width of the edge. It is somewhat like a cabinett maker's marking gauge designed for a metal worker.

Mike also used a taper reamer to assure that hidden bolster plate pins stayed fixed in place.

No one video can cover this subject's details in its entirety. This one does a very good job, does not miss a step, but should not be your only source of information on the subject. Another similar video that is more for the beginner is The Wire Damascus Hunting Knife by Wayne Goddard. See also our list of sword making references for other books and videos covering this subject.

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