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Practice Painting

Mdm. Charlotte Dogne by Jacques-Louis David
Copy by Jock Dempsey, 1971
While studing art in high school I thought that it would be good practice to copy the work of several famous artists in the original media. The painting above is oil on canvas and was made from a badly faded print similar to the one at the left above. The colors in my copy more closely match the original (in the NY Metropolitian Museum) than the bad prints. The drawing was enlarged by hand without use of grids or projection.

Other copies included drawings by Leanardo DaVinci, a pastel by Degas and a nude by Renoir.

Pencil sketchs of two girls 1968
These drawings were done in my high scholl art class. They are very fast sketches that took less than a minute each. I made hundreds of these on coarse cheap paper that is now dark yellow and crumbling from aging. I've only saved a few.

Sketch of girl The young woman on the above right came over to see what I had drawn and said,

"My skirt is NOT that short!"
and her friends said
"Oh yes it is!".

At left is a detail from a nude from the same period. Later a painting was created from this drawing.

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