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International Registry of Blacksmith Touchmarks
How to Register ** Fees
Registration fees:
  • Basic lifetime registration: You provide correctly sized JPEG image (200 x 125 pixels) with your application. $24 (US)

    • From photograph or raw scan (we scan, size and edit image) - add $10 (US)

    • From sample (we photograph or scan and correct image) - add $20 (US)

  • Address or other change, one time within 5 years, no charge. Otherwise $10 (US)

  • Additional touchmark registrations $20 (US) each with same additional fees as above.

  • Chapter, family or group registration of four (4) or more marks in one package. $20 (US) each with no adders for photos or scanning.

  • Cyber Smiths International no charge.
NOTE: Fees are non-refundable and must accompany registration. We will accept cash, money orders or checks from any bank in U.S. funds. IF you want photos or samples returned please send an SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope).
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