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3D CAD Gate Design from Finland.
Copyright (c) 1999 Timo Rummukainen, Finland Copyright (c) 1999 Timo Rummukainen, Finland
Click the two gate images for details.
Copyright (c) 1999  Timo Rummukainen, Finland
3D Gate rendering by Mr. Timo Rummukainen
Concept is a entry for a contest arranged by the National Gallery of Finland. Because during design phase Timo and I were located in different cities the whole design, sketching and planning was done online with the aid of scanners and CAD-programs.

Total height of the gate is 2940 mm and approx. weight is 650 kg. The concept is very much still under progress what explains those empty spaces without motifs and some weird floating details (Which are actually the locking mechanism).

Antti Sakari Salminen Helsinki, Finland.
The image above was used as a background on page 2 for Jim Wilson's Requiem for a Master. We thought it appropriate, as the end of the Millennium approaches, to salute the tradition of Francis Whitaker with the technology of the new generation of artist blacksmiths.
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December 1st (20th) 99 Edition
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