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Bill Epps at Jefferson Smiths
December Meeting
Bill Epps at Jefferson Smiths, photo by James Joyce Bill Epps at the Jefferson Smiths getting ready to make a forge weld.

Photos by Jim Joyce (JJ)

All the good "junk" in the background is what is intresting to us junk hounds! -guru
Bill Epps hummingbird, photo by James Joyce Bill Epps hummingbird. Bill amazed all by forging the leaf AND the flower from single pieces of steel. Those little bird wings are part of the solid piece!

We covered Bill's AFC demo in 1998. Volume 6, page 8, Bill Epps humingbird
Somes Bar, California California Blacksmith's Assiciation.
The Hamlett of Somes Bar, California sits beneath snow capped peaks and lush green forests of the Six Rivers National Wilderness Area and is alive with the muted roar of the Salmon River rushing toward the Pacific. It is also the home of Dave Atwood's Salmon River Forge, host of the CBA-Jefferson Smith's hammer-in the 2nd weekend of Dec, 1999. AnvilFire's Wednesday Night Demo King, Bill Epps of Mesquitte, Texas, and wife Sharon, were guests for the weekend event, which featured the manufacture of a hand-wrougfht gate. The gate, designed by Greg Hartell, (CBA Instructor, Klamath Falls, Oregon) will be donated to CBA for it's fund-raiser auction to be held at Spring Conference, 2000 in Santa Anna, Ca. (See accompanying picture)

About 22 blacksmiths took full advantage of Bill Epps generous sharing of tips and techniques ranging from tools to forge welding, to the making of flowers and animal heads from single-piece solid stock. Luckily for us, Bill was in California on vacation and took us up on the invitation to come and meet some of the rural west coast folks. His fine blacksmithing aside, this southern gentleman and his lady made us all feel we had made very special new friends. Bill and Sharon, we'll keep practicing the flowers, hummingbirds and horses, and you are welcomed to our neck of the woods anytime!

Jim Joyce, West Coast Correspondent
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