Cover, The Blacksmith in Eighteenth Century Williamsburg

Harold B. Gill, Jr.,
The Blacksmith in Eighteenth Century Williamsburg

Booklet, 32 pages, illustrations
Published by Colonial Williamsburg
Review by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson

Out of Print

"Iron seemeth a simple metal. but in it's nature are many mysteries,"

That is the rather simple style of this 32 page booklet. Published in 1979 by Historic Williamsburg, this small pamplet is interesting reading. Do not expect precise descriptions of methodology, or processes, instead you will find a rough overview of both. Some tables list prices for various chores of the times.

This pamplet was based on an unpublished monograph by Harold B. Gill, Jr. of the Colonial Williamsburg Research staff. It was prepared with the assistance of Thomas K. Ford, editor, Colonial Williamsburg department of publications. It does not have an ISDN number, or a Library of Congress number.

Interesting, but not exhaustive, by any means. It is also long out of print, but I was able to find a copy through the Inter Library Loan program at my public library. If you run into a copy at a used bookstore, you might want to pick it up.

At best it gets 2 ringie-dingies.

NOTE: Many of the illustrations and the period information in this booklet were taken from, MECHANICK EXERCISES, Doctrine of Handy-Works, Joseph Moxon, 1703, also reviewed here.