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Lubricant and Coolant for Punches, Drifts and Dies

By Pete Johnson, Nomad Forge and Ironworks

I got to test out the Forge Ease you sent me. I punched about 12 hammers and top tools using it and it works a treat! Even punching S7 and S5 (tool steels), I had no trouble with the tool sticking as I punched and drifted the eye. This is definitely a product I can get behind. It is fast, efficient, clean, and it also cools my punches and drifts very well.

I mixed it 1:1 as suggested and am very happy with the results. I plan on playing around a little bit with how much I dilute it and see if I can stretch each batch further while still maintaining its lubrication properties. Since I read that it can be diluted up to 1:15 for simpler forgings. As far as my personal needs in punching up to 3.5" of material for hammer eyes I belive it would still perform well mixed at a 1:5 ratio. I have yet to test that particular ratio and will keep you updated when I do.

Non-Hazardous GREEN Label Aside from its clearly adequate preformance, the fact that it is not a health risk is an even better selling point in my personal opinion. Graphite and oil mixtures definitely don't do my health any favors so I am very pleased to have this as my go to punch lube in the shop now. I will be recommending this product to everybody I know.

Thank you again for the sample. I will be sure to tell everybody I know about it. Consider me an advocate. I am 100% sold and will stand behind this product for sure. Im very pleased with it

Pete Johnson at Power hammer

Pete is a professional tool maker specializing in hammers and other tools that have large hand punched holes in them.

Pete can be found on Instagram

Here Pete is forging a large piece of steel on a Scranton Power hammer at Peter Buchannon's Black Lion Forge.

Fuchs Forge Ease Punch Lube

Adobe PDF Document FUCHS Forge Ease Technical Data Factory information sheet.

Adobe PDF Document FUCHS Forge Ease 3521 SDS Material Safety Data Sheet.

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