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McDonald Rolling Mill

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McDonald Rolling Mill

by Hugh McDonald

With additions from!

NOTE: These are a digital download item - not physical plans. See purchasing and download instructions below.

In U.S. Blacksmithing circles many of us discussed building small shop sized rolling mills but thought that even a small mill would take more horsepower than you could run in a home shop and that the big 3 phase motor would be very expensive. And there were other design problems as well. But nobody told Hugh McDonald the grizzled Aussi from Gooseberry Hill. --   Hugh just built it. . . and it WORKED with a little fractional horsepower single phase motor!

Hugh wrote an article for a North American bladesmithing magazine calling the machine "The Big Stomp" and then was flooded with requests for plans. He made a demo video using a VHS video camera and second and third generation copies floated around from smith to smith by surface mail for a couple years. Norm Larson sold print copies of the plans for a number of years. Then we took over distribution of CD versions for a number of years. Now we distribute the plans via digital download bundled with additional photos, extracted images and a digitized copy of that old grainy over copied video from the year 2000.

Hugh's plans are for a junk yard build using found pullies and drive parts. There are detail drawings for every part. They are dimensioned in inches but there are some metric pieces according to parts and materials available in Australia. But the machine is simple enough that changes to all English or all metric are not problematic.

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Downloading:   After we recieve your purchase e-mail from Paypal we will send you a link and a password. It may show up within the hour or a few days. Be sure you check your email and the spam box.

It is best to access the plan's large ZIP file using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Give it time to download. You will need an UNZIP utility to open and install the files. Be sure to let the ZIP program create the entire directory structure. Don't try to just drag and drop the indivilual files. In the Rolling-Mill folder there should be an index file that your browser will open. It is a menu system to the files which include the original plans, seperated drawing files, added images, and the original Hugh McDonald video.

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