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Blacksmithing and Metalworking Supplies

Forge Ease Punch Lube in small containers
   Forge Ease 3512   

FORGE EASE 3512 is a clean graphite free forging lubricant for hand and machine forging. Prevents or reduces punch sticking, reduces die wear, increases depth of penetration.

A safe clean graphite free water soluble lubricant used for hot forging steel parts and blacksmith hand and press punching.

p75 black beauty forge burner

   Black Beauty Forge Burner   

The Black Beauty Burner is designed and manufactured by Jock Dempsey the anvilfire guru. Made to be as the most economical on the market.

ITC-100 ITC-100HT ceramic coating

   ITC-100HT Ceramic Coating   

ITC-100HT High temperature ceramic coating

Split Refractory Bricks
5 Split Refractory Bricks


Ideal for forge floors and hot work surfaces.
9" x 4.5" x 1.5", 3.75 pounds each

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