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Volume 30 - Page 3 of 8 May 16, 2003
Southeast Regional Blacksmith Conference
Gafney Peach Water Tower photo by Jock Dempsey Gafney Peach Water tower  You know you are in South Carolina when you pass the Gafney Peach Water tower. We drove 420 miles through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia to get to Madison. The Gafney Peach is the most moticable landmark on this trip. I've passed it a dozen times and wanted to take a photo of it.

There is a Fatts Cafe "under" the Peach now and we had a nice lunch there. Located on I95 just South of the NC border.
A few anvils, vices and tools at Madison.
Seek no further.
Mike and Dan Boone Boone Family Mike Boone checking out the demonstration forge. That's Mike's daughter, and the fellow with his back turned is Dan Boone who will also be demonstrating. space
Early Demo on Thursday
Brian Brazeal demonstrates at Tom Clark's tent.
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May 16, 2003 Edition
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