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Volume 20 - Page 2 of 11 June 26, 2000
Bladesmith Jim Hrisoulas
Injured in Lawnmower Accident
Tannehill 2000!
June 16, 2000

For those of you trying to contact JPH in the last month, this is not going to be good news. About 4 1/2 weeks ago, Jim was mowing his lawn and hit one of the many rocks that seem to grow out where he is at. The result was a completely shattered rock and shattered mower blade, sending all sorts of steel and rock fragments into his face and eyes. This in turn resulted in (as far as I can count) 5 eye surgeries to try to save the sight in his right eye. As far as I know from talking to Jim the vision was 20/800 after the last surgery and has since been improved to between 20/80-60. The real thing is the old fart drove HIMSELF to the hospital..He is one tough old man. ( And I use the term "Old" as a sign of utmost respect...)

Needless to say Jim is markedly NOT feeling so great right now but he has vowed to make good on everyone's outstanding orders as soon as the Dr says he can get back to work. This couldn't of happened at a worse time as it occurred right in the middle of the renn-faire his wife (she is one GREAT lady..Wish I was married to a woman like her....) is now doing for him in San Berdo, since is can't do it due to the surgery.....

It's rather a nasty thing to happen to such a talented and careful craftsman..He constantly yells at me to put my safety glasses on when I am over there..He wears his ALL the time he is in his studio unless he isn't working, he is that concerned about his eyesight and then he gets nailed by mowing his lawn??

Just thought I'd let everyone know..As JPH puts it: When you dance with the Devil, sooner or later you will get burned...

Figured that there are some folks on the list that should know...Jim will get back to work, hopefully in the next two weeks.. The optomologists have said that they won't know for certain the extent of the damage for another 5 to 7 weeks, as they really had to do alot of cutting, digging and scraping to get the stuff out of his eyes. JPH says bladesmithing by the Braille method doesn't sound like it's too hot of an idea.

But he isn't going to let this stop him..Jim says 20/60 is better than 20/nothing and he will be back on things as soon as he is able.

Thought folks should know..

Vegas Vic..

Reproduced with permission of the author

Anyone looking for work? Here it is.

Hero Props in Los Angeles is looking for a select number of blacksmiths with portable forges or shops based in the L.A. area to create very basic primitive weapons (spears, halbards, berdicche, arrow heads, blades, ect.)

Items are for a major upcoming feature film based loosely in the dark to middle ages. Please E-Mail PHOTOS and resume to as soon as possible, or call our offices at 213-534-3659 to schedule an appointment. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your work and establish an industry relationship.

Hero Props
Friday, June 30, 2000

Alabama Forge Council Presents The 15th Annual AFC Conference Tannehill Two Thousand September 8, 9, and 10, 2000 Tannehill Historical State Park Exit 100 off Interstate 20/59 Southwest of Birmingham

Featuring Demonstrations By:

Ron Howard
Items for the Hearth and Home

Soosen Hutchinson
Translating a Shop Drawing Into A Finished Product

Family Activities:
Introduction to Copper Enameling, by Jackie Spencer Rubber Stamping and Beyond, by Jane Latsch Fun For The Children, by Carol Mott

Tailgate Sales Auction

Registration will begin Thursday Afternoon, September 7th. The weekend fee will be $30.00. One day fee $15.00. Green Coal class $10.00 per student. Family activity fees additional.

Schedule of Events

Thursday Afternoon: Registration begins

Friday Morning: Soosen Hutchinson Demonstration

Friday Afternoon: Ron Howard Demonstration

Friday Evening: Banquet and Contest

Saturday Morning: Ron Howard Demonstration

Saturday Afternoon: Soosen Hutchinson Demonstration

Saturday Evening: Auction of Donated Items

Sunday Morning: Special Demonstration/Workshop Led by Soosen Hutchinson

ABOUT THE CONTEST: Allan Kress has announced there will be a contest following the banquet on Friday night. The details, including all rules and regulations, will be announced at the banquet. You may use your own tools to forge these ____________. Be practicing on your techniques forging __________s. The blanks in this paragraph are intentional. Allan will only say "It will be a surprise".

ABOUT THE AUCTION: Your items for the auction will be very much appreciated. All proceeds are to benefit the AFC conference, workshop, and scholarship activities. We will have our AFC Auctioneers Col.'s David Cornett and Anthony Goodrum, plus guest auctioneers. Your Donations can be sent to Carol Mott, 111 Jackson Street, Selma, AL 36701, 334-875-7925.

For additional information, contact Carol Mott, 334-875-7925, e-mail

Y'all Come!

Robby Armstrong Brownsboro, Alabama near Huntsville space

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