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Reporting LIVE! from Asheville, NC - June 1998!
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Progress Report
West Coast JYH
Grant Sarver reports that the WC-JYH has been optimized by the trial and error fitting of springs. Sent photos of hammer forging HOT iron (See page 3 Girls). He now taunts the East Coast camp saying the WC-JYH is being fine tuned while the EC-JYH hasn't been built yet.

Everyone is still saying the Guru's shock absorber linkage won't work! The Guru is secretly hoping all that testing is wearing out the WC-JYH and it will fail the endurance test! What! Nobody has mentioned an endurance test? The rules of combat have yet to be defined!

Progress Report
East Coast JYH

May 7 1998- All the major components and materials are in the shop. Picked up a piece of 2" (5cm) plate for the base. It was a real piece of scrap with a bunch of big holes torched in it. Bought some 100# RR-rail. After looking at it AND the design decided it wasn't suitable. 150# rail might have been OK but 100# was too small. Will split a piece of "I" beam and weld a piece of old shafting to it for the ram. RR-rail won't be a complete loss, will weld "dies" to ram and anvil cut from rail top. This fabrication has two advantages. It allows for more throat depth and the dies can be turned at an angle from the machine's axis so long work can be handled. The Guru estimates the EC-JYH will weigh about 1,000 pounds or more! Double the WC-JYH!

Bought one of two motors. Couldn't find a cheap 1-1/2 HP motor locally so two smaller ones will have to do!

Well, I didn't get the drawings ready for the weekend but did get a photo of the parts on Page3 and started an

EC-JYH supplement

page to report on progress of the construction!
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Guru discuses availability of JYH PLANS.
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