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Jefferson Smiths
N.J.B.A. November meeting at Peter's Valley
Jefferson Smiths Gate, photo by James Joyce
Somes Bar, California -- Jim Joyce Tue December 14, 1999
Above you'll see Bill Epps in blue shirt with hand on background for hand-wrought gate, Sharon to his left front and me in the red ball cap to Bill's left. We had 22 smiths working the weekend on a variety of projects. This gate we made will be donated to CBA and auctioned off at spring conference, Santa Anna, California in 2000 for helping with grant and scholarship money.

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Peter's Valley, NJ -- Hector "Bub" Giumetti
We went to the Peter's Valley demo Sunday Nov. 14th., it was also the N.J.B.A. November meeting. It was the first time for me to visit our blacksmithing school in N.J. There was about 15 of us there. The weather was cold and damp and the same and more so, in the shop.

The site is a country farm,with a two story home-they use it as a dorm., a large barn and a few out buildings. The resident smith, John Rais, hosted the meeting, concentrating on the artistic side of blacksmithing. There is a old tractor shed there, fully inclosed that John uses for his own shop. He had a few pieces there of his creations. He incorporates shovel handles in some of his art. I will send you some of my double prints when I get around to getting them developed.

There was a graet Iron-In-the-Hat that included a home made Jewish apple cake. It was made by Tim Suter's wife. Tim is a retired union Boilermaker and has been doing smithing for five years,after his retirement. I would say he is at the intermediate level of smithing. The last two years we have been attending demos together and he helps me with my smithing. We let it out specifically that the person who won the cake would have a hard time leaving the premises without cutting it!!! The person who won it was a good sport and everyone there had a piece. It was great!

From the land of tanks,towers and brown yellow haze,

- The Bub
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