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Force to 300 Volume 16 - Page 10 of 14
Force to 260 Eternal Flame Edition
anvilfire! Millennium's End Report! to host ABANA Chapter web sites
Central Virginia Blacksmiths Guild Web Page
a NEW web site hosted and maintained by is offering free and discounted web hosting to ABANA chapters.

This new service is designed to give all ABANA chapters access to afforable web hosting and provide web sites to those that did not have them. A locator system will be provided to make it easy for the public to find their nearest chapter.

Sample Chapter web page 44 Web Pages for chapters without pages have been set up by anvilfire. Every chapter will have its own "" such as,

These pages will be turned over to the chapters for them to develope as they please.

New CVBG page CVBG has a new Webmaster Jock Dempsey of is hosting the CVBG page and is the new webmaster.

The big question IS as he works on this at 4 am with a New Year's noon deadline is, "Will he keep 'it' together?"

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December 1st (30th) 99 Edition
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