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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 10 - Page 7
International Edition
Dragon in progress
Dragon in progress Like any good demonstrator Dan stopped and showed us the progress and paused for pictures. In this stage you can see how the dragon head is developing. The eyes and nose holes are sunk with punches specially made for the job. A big part of developing your own style of work is knowing when you need to make special tools in advance. Plan ahead, know where you are headed before you heat that piece of iron.
Dan's Port-a-band
Dan had more than a few intresting tricks up his sleave! Here he is using his Milwaukee Port-a-band as a vertical band saw! An angle iron bracket clamped to the handle alows it to be clamped in the vise.

Dan is splitting the Dragon's mouth with the saw (from the parts that look like a chin or beard above).
Daniel Boone Dragon>

		<FONT FACE= Finished Daniel Boone dragon.
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February 1st International Edition.
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