Ramsby Blacksmith Shop:

Frank Ramsby, Bob Roberts and Frank Wyllys, Ramsby, Horse Shoeing and General Blacksmithing, Kirkland, IL.
The Alley Shop, Wyllys and Ramsby, Horse Shoeing and General Blacksmithing, Kirkland, IL

Ramsby & Wyllys Blacksmith Shop:

The three men outside the smithy are (from left to right) Frank Ramsby, Bob Roberts (most likely a helper) and Frank Wyllys. Notice that Frank Wyllys name has been taken off of the sign above them.

To the left is an advertisement they had.

The one of the man inside the blacksmith shop was taken by my great-grandmother Blanche Ramsby in 1916. It is of my great-grandfather Frank Ramsby in the smithy that he eventually bought from Frank Wyllys after a partnership. The blacksmith shop was in Kirkland, Illinois. The car in the background is a 1913 Model T, it was owned by Frank Ramsby and was one of the first cars in the area!


Caleb Ramsby
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Frank Ramsby, Kirkland, IL

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