Demonstration by
Bill Epps
28 June 2000

Bill-Epps :

Ok, we are ready now:) Here we go. We are gonna make a 3 legged tripod. This was shown to me by Richard Ross at the Guadalupe Forge in the very early '80's, and has been a good seller for me.

Bill-Epps :

tripod01.gif (3136 bytes)  tripod02.gif (4004 bytes) tripod03.gif (4066 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

I start out w/3 pieces of 1/2" round X 60" long. ( You can make it any length you want to, this works out best for me.) One end of all 3 pieces I put a short point. Then I cool that end off and heat the other end and I turn about 3" over the face of the anvil and turn this to an eye on center. The ID of the eye will be about 3/4". Keep the eye on center.

Bill-Epps :

tripod04.gif (3311 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

This is out of sequence. It should have been the second of the last segment of pictures. Sorry.

Bill-Epps :

tripod03.gif (4066 bytes)

tripod05.gif (4865 bytes) tripod06.gif (3513 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Now we cut a piece of 1/2" round about 14" long and turn it into a circle. Keeping it as round as possible.

Bill-Epps :

tripod07.gif (4326 bytes) tripod08.gif (4340 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

We take the round ring and spring it open slightly. Then I take a piece of 3/8" square about 14" long also and make a hook w/a closed eye in the top end, and a "centered hook" on the bottom.

Bill-Epps :

tripod08.gif (4340 bytes) tripod09.gif (3089 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

We put a twist in the middle just to give it a little style.

Bill-Epps :

tripod10.gif (3242 bytes) tripod11.gif (4657 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Now, we heat the ring slide the 3 legs on and the hook at one end, and go to the anvil and flatten the ring to close it back up.

Bill-Epps :

tripod12.gif (3602 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Close the ring down tight.

Bill-Epps :

tripod13.gif (4284 bytes) tripod14.gif (3211 bytes) tripod15.gif (4453 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

After you close the ring, quench it. (This keeps it from springing back open or distorting). Now by holding it upright, and swinging the center leg all the way over, spreading the other two legs out, the hook should be on the bottom, and the eye of the 3 legs at the top of the ring, and one of these will hold up to about 200#'s (I put a rope on the hook and stod on it and it will hold me up, and I weight about 200#'s.

Bill-Epps :

I make another version of this out of square twisted stock, that I make 6' tall and it will hold big cast Iron washpots on it w/ dirt, plants etc. 5' should hold it too.:)

Bill-Epps :

Any questions?

bbb :

how muich $ , bill

Steve-C :

do you ever put a twist on the legs?

vince-herod :

These tri-pods really are great. I have seen Bill sell a ton of them at different shows.

Bill-Epps :

Another thing about these type, there is no parts to lose cause they are all connected together. Don't take up much room when packing either. (must unfold of course) Yes, when I make out of square stock Steve. Bob, I sell the rounds ones for $32.50, the square twisted Heavier ones for $47.50.

Bill-Epps :

Bear in mind, I make the points on my power hammer which is very quick, I turn the eyes on my Hossfield bender, make the ring on my cone mandrel and me and 1 helper can make 50 or 60 of these in one day! So I can sell them cheaper than a lot of people who are just trying to make them on an anvil. But they always sell good.

Jock-D :

I'll have to get Paw-Paw to do his. . He does one with loose pieces that can be used as a tripod or a spit. Another great demo Bill.

Bill-Epps :

Yes, Jock, I also make 2 different varities of the ones like you are speaking about w/swing out cranes for pots and pan holder, but these are my best sellers.

Bill-Epps :

Did I forget to mention that I use my Bantum Iron Worker to cut this stock real quick also. Couldn't do that many w/out all my tools and yes of course Tom a Grunt/helper. LOL

Pix :

Bill. do you do the ring (on the hos), then backbend it to center the ring?

Bill-Epps :

Pix, I make the "Eye" of each leg on the Hossfield, the Ring I just turn around the horn of the anvil and go to the cone mandrel to round it up. (Old automobile coil springs work good too). Just cut 'em up w/torch, just heat them up and close them. But if you use them, make the Eye about 1" ID.

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