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Demonstration by Bill Epps.
Febuary 16, 2000

Bill-Epps :

Tonights demo is what I made Sharon for her Valentine's present. So I figured while I was making it we'd just do a demo on it. (It got me a real good supper in return, Southern Fried Chicken etc.):)

Bill-Epps :

I first saw this Rose Bud on the Alabama Forge Council's Website. I added a couple of my own twists to it.

Bill-Epps :

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rose03.gif (2671 bytes)

rose04.gif (2525 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

I start with a piece of square tubing, this particular one I am using 2" - 14 ga., But smaller will work well too. Come from the corners and cut a line down at a 45 deg angle. Do this on all 4 corners. Take good heat, go to horn of anvil and make sq. tubing Round.

Bill-Epps :

rose04.gif (2525 bytes) 

rose05.gif (2821 bytes)

rose06.gif (2782 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Round it up PAST the end of your cuts. Then using a cross-pien, I start texturing each individual slot on the outside of what will become the pedals.

Bill-Epps :

rose07.gif (3057 bytes) 

rose08.gif (3144 bytes)

rose09.gif (3768 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

I cross-pien and texture it as well as thin it out and spread it. Then we go to the guillotine tool and start fullering down about 1/2" past the end of your splits.

Bill-Epps :

rose09.gif (3768 bytes) 

rose10.gif (2545 bytes)

rose11.gif (2840 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

We fuller this down to where you have a hole left in the center a little bit larger than 3/8". We want a 3/8" rod to pass through the hole cleanly. Then I cut off just behind the fuller leaving a skirt on the bottom.

Bill-Epps :

rose12.gif (1982 bytes) 

rose13.gif (3279 bytes)

rose14.gif (3482 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

I take a 3/8" rod about 18" long and bump up the end a little bit, and I use another guillotine tool to put a grove around the rod, leaving a head on the end of the rod.

Bill-Epps :

rose15.gif (2410 bytes) 

rose16.gif (3818 bytes)

rose17.gif (2587 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Slide the rod though the skirt and center hole with the head inside, and use the guillotine tool to crimp the rose down on what will become the stem. The tool at the right is a 1" round ballnose end hardie that fits in the hardie hole.

Bill-Epps :

rose18.gif (2962 bytes) 

rose19.gif (3572 bytes)

rose20.gif (3505 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

I hammer the rod down on this hardie tool and this spreads the head sort of like a rivet. Also, I start driving the skirt down around the rose. The edges of the skirt I fold back around the stem and giving the illusion of that "bottom thing - which I can't think of the name of it right now" that is under the flower. This tightens the flower onto the stem securely.

Bill-Epps :

rose21.gif (2459 bytes) 

rose22.gif (2579 bytes)

rose23.gif (4624 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Now we take a good heat, I start petals rolling over the horn of the anvil. Then I go to my "Rattail tongs or scroll pliers" to finish curling the petals.

Bill-Epps :

rose24.gif (2448 bytes) 

rose25.gif (3081 bytes)

rose26.gif (3539 bytes)

Paw-Paw :

Rose hip.

Bill-Epps :

I work these petals with the rattail tongs and work the petals in around themselves "Tight", then using the points of the tongs, I just roll the top edges out ever so slightly. Now I start drawing the stem down to give it some texture and to thin it down some.

Bill-Epps :

rose27.gif (2609 bytes) 

rose28.gif (3146 bytes)

rose29.gif (2769 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Now we start making the rose leaves. On this particular one, I put 3 leaves. Always in nature, it is an odd number. I use 3/8" sq., I point it on two sides, set it down over the edge of the anvil on two sides only.

Bill-Epps :

rose30.gif (3203 bytes) 

rose31.gif (2714 bytes)

rose32.gif (4250 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Now we flatten the end out to make it look like a leaf. I took a hot cutter on this one and put a line down the center.

Bill-Epps :

rose33.gif (3338 bytes) 

rose34.gif (3050 bytes)

rose35.gif (3384 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

I go to the vice and use a hot cutter and cut little lines in the edge all the way around the profile.

Bill-Epps :

 rose35.gif (3384 bytes)

rose36.gif (2913 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

After cutting the little notches in the profile, I go back to the anvil and use the hot cutter to put the veins in the face of the leaves. Make all 3 leaves this way.

Bill-Epps :

rose37.gif (2637 bytes)

rose38.gif (2828 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

Either using a ballpien and a wooden block, or a cross pien and roll around the horn of the anvil, give the leaf a cup or a roll to give a 3 dimensional look. Cut the leaf off, scarf, flux and jump-weld onto the stem. I personally weld the 3 leaves together first and then jump the cluster of 3 onto the stem.

Bill-Epps :

rose39.gif (3127 bytes)

rose01.gif (3989 bytes)

Bill-Epps :

This is different from the rose that we did before. This is actually a Rose Bud, and they great come Valentines Day

Bill-Epps :

Any Questions?

Steve-C :

Nice work , Bill , is the stem set in the bud hot? ( the part you say like a rivet)

Jock-D :

GREAT Double DEMO Bill! It would work from round pipe too if you were carefull to layout the cuts. We currently have 215 'registered' users of the PUB and over 10% were here tonight. Please try this :)

Boatman :

You're right Jim, that rose is pretty "hip" !! Bill, do you point and set down the leaf to the opposite side?

Jim-C :

Bill, comment on the ball nose hardie tool please.

Jock-D :

Starting with pipe and tubing has some real advantages that we rarely take. You always have been Bill. Took me awhile to come up with a color :)

Bill-Epps :

This rosebud is faster and a little easier than making the open rose from the discs like the one we've prevoiusly demonstrated, but not quite a much detail.

Jock-D :

The heavier material would be better for outdoor work than the sheet metal type.

Bill-Epps :

Jim-C it was 1-1/4" round and about 3" tall, that I put a bullet nosed end on. It supports the center piece and also allows me to work on the outside edges while I was bring the skirt down. It also caused the rounded part of the stem to act as a rivet. I did not say to have it hot, but I assumed you all knew that

Paw-Paw :

Bill, dimple in the end of the bullet nose?

Bill-Epps :

Not on this one here, I don't have a dimple Paw, but I do have other w/a concave in the end.

Steve-C :

Bill do you have many different sized guillotine tools

J-J :

question Bill: When I tried this following our dec hammer in, I had trouble trying to swage down the bud to the stem and also flatten the stem head in one heat.

Bill-Epps :

Yes, Steve-C. I have one made out of 1/4", one out of 5/16", one out of 3/8" and one out of 1/2" (the width of steel). Most of them have the same radius in the end of it, which is put in w/a 4" angle grinder Hardrock, going about 1/4" deep.

Bill-Epps :

J-J I don't do this all in one heat. I take several heats. Sorry I don't always say when I am heating the metal. It's just such second nature to me, I forget to say it.

Steve-C :

could you send an e-mail sometime with the dims.

Jock-D :

JJ, the steel ALWAYS stays hot longer for "other" smiths!

J-J :

I wound up finishing with a torch reaching inside to reheat the tip. Just wondered if I missed something or just didn't do it fast enought?

Sparrowhawk :

Bill.. Does this work for other flowers too, or is this specific to Roses... IE, dasies too....

Bill-Epps :

Steve Next week's demo will probably how I make a guillotine tool. Have had lots of inquiries, time to show you all my tricks:)

Steve-C :

Bill say I try one and I can't get the stem set in one heat how do I reheat the round bar stem without ruining the bud ? I know another stupid question

Bill-Epps :

Lots of times J-J you can clamp it in the vice and take a long center punch and reach down inside and bump up the end of the stem. Steve this will work on a lot of different types of flower

J-J :

Bill, I'll e-mail you a pic of the gillotine tool I made after seeing yours (going from memory)...

Bill-Epps :

Making a dogwood flower out of pipe, looks real good. A snap dragon if another popular flower made out of pipe,

Jock-D :

Tulip would work very well.

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