Twist Candle Stick

Demonstration by Ralph Douglas

June 20, 2001
Good evening folks. Tonight I will do a short demo on a simple candle holder.

Figure 2
Start with 3 round rods. I use either 5/16 or 1/2" by about 10 inches or so (9mm to 13mm round by ~250mm). I wire them up to forge weld. Or you can tack weld them.

Figure 3
Forge weld one end... And draw to a short square point

Figure 4
Now flip over and weld the other end about 2-3 inches (50-75mm) from the end.

Figure 5
Take a nice even heat for this next part.
Clamp in your vice and twist it. I usually go one full twist, but use your own judgement as to what looks good.

Figure 6
Now draw out the 3 legs to an nice even taper. It helps to get them all the same length. :)
I usually draw them out to about the width of my anvil. . . But if you have a really large anvil then you might want to draw it out till it is about 4 inches.

Figure 7
Now curl up the tips and curve the legs into nice looking arcs.

Figure 8
Jock suggested a further refinement to this.
It is using a collar or a wrap of wire to 'hide' the weld area. Perhaps a piece of copper wire? Will try it out one day.

(See our previous collaring demo for details).

Figure 9
Now I take a piece of sheet and make a disc. About 4 inches across. I found that if you do not have a plasma cutter, that a hole saw works well. and it even leaves the hole in the middle.
Then heat it and dish it. I use a ball pein and a section of hardwood.

This can be done cold - guru

After all this, I take a light heat on the twist and run a wire wheel (actually a wire cup) over it. Gets rid of the scale and also lets a faint bronze and blue oxide show.
I also do the same for the disc. You may use a small belt grinder to shape up the point. Insure it is thin enough so that you do not break the candle.
Then braze the catch cup to the holder.
BTW make sure the legs are equidistance form each other.
For a 120 degree "guage" you can use the sides of a large hex nut.
Never thought of that... I just eyeball it.... hex nuts... need to get some big ones!
Good idea, Jock
Any questions?
Jim C.
Ralph: nice and simple. Thanks.
Paw Paw
Ralph, When you do that good a job, you don't leave any room for questions! :)
Jim C.
Ralph, Have you tried untwisting the center to make a basket type stem?
3 legs, no leveling. . . good job Ralph, thanks!
I tried once with the basket twist but I still have a ways to go.
Ralph, Ya did a good job. Thanx! How much do they sell for?
Ralph, of course there is always adjusting to legs keeping the whole thing straight isn't there, but everybody knows that. I enjoyed your demo, and even I have made one of these before. They are always good sellers aren't they?
Pete, I have to keep it simple.... no leveing is a good thing... :)
jj I get about $10 or $15 per.
good ralph, I've never been level headed
Well, looks like that is it on the questions, so I am going to log out and come back into the Pub.

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