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This is a standard Roper Whitney Die Shoe. It is designed to be used on presses where the punch is held in the press's ram. It accepts 2-3/4" diameter dies or smaller using adaptor bushings. This suitable for approximately a 1-3/4" maximum hole.

I use this one on my 4 ton Benchmaster press. It is the right size to use with small fly presses.

Die Shoe: NO. F-2-3/4
4" x 6-3/4" x 1-1/2" - 8 LBS. . . . . . $86 USD

Will hold 4 series of Whitney dies using 3 adaptors.
  • #28 2-3/4" OD (no adaptor)
  • #40 2-1/8" OD
  • #20 1-1/4" OD
  • #10 13/16" OD

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Figure 6

The die shoe is shown with a die adaptor and standard 1" shank punch and with a stripper plate on spacers.

Figure 6 with stripper removed shows a plate made for aligning shim or washer blanks for punching in a hand fed operation.

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Ironworker Die Shoe and Punch Holder:

This is a fabricated dieshoe off an old Hendly and Whitmore ironworker. It has a flat cut on one side so that holes could be punched in angle iron.

The punch and punch holder are typical of the type used on ironworkers. These have both been adapted to fit a 4 ton Benchmaster punch press.

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